Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Deeps, Apr 8, 2006.

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  1. Just been watching salvage squad on sky .They had just rebulit a German WW2 mini-sub(Biber) . The show hosted by Suggs brings along old
    Jeff Tall curator of the Submarine museum at Gosport . I know the programme is a few years old .I was just wondering is old JJ still the curator at Gosport ?

    He was my skipper on the Repulse and what a top man he was . He had the nickname of ''Thumper'' because of the way he used to tap his foot when we were at action stations(torpedo) . Also when I was after trot sentry and Greenpeace tried to get on board via their RIBS , I raised the alarm and help ''repel boarders''(with the help of a casing spanner) . JJ put me on ''skippers'' table and gave me a twenty quid book token .

    If anyone has any contact with him please invite him on to Rum ration and pass on my regards . No doubt he will be on TV again soon as he seems to be the medias submarine affairs correspondant .
  2. 99% certain than JJ is still the Curator. About 10 years ago, when 'informative' CD-ROMs were the Next Big Thing, I visited the Museum and later suggested that they could make a few quid by making itself one for sale in the Museum shop - at least I got a sensible written reply from the man himself - it was a bit of a non-starter at the time as it more or less couldn't be done on the cheap. It still hasn't been done, though I'm sure it would make a profit. Anyway, I made a website on my own instead.
  3. Geoff

    Would that be by any chance:

    Cut and paste to make a connection, great site for WW2 Submarine history.

    Nutty xxxx
  4. That's it! :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

    Mind you, it may disappear for while until I've got it hosted in Canada - depends how long it takes that ISP to get around to wiping me off. Will probably pay for hosting next time and have a more sensible URL, perhaps from late June.
  5. I have a dvd from the submarine museum.It is a bit basic and old and appears in small screen format but nevertheless it contains some nice stuff.Cmdr Tall is still at the helm in Gosport.I heard that he is on a film that comes with a computer naval simulation called Dangerous Waters.The game devisers were down there recently doing a press launch for it and in the picture I saw you can see Thumper in the background!
  6. HAHAHAHA, ROFL, lol, sorry, but I jsut couldn't help but laugh at that :lol: . Do you know why Greenpeace where trying to get on board? And how many nuts did you screw with that spanner? :lol: :twisted:
  7. It was when Rolls Royce were working on the ''trouserleg'' dramas . Repulse was on 2 berth and Revenge was on 1 berth . They had a go
    at us on Repulse first , it was at 0800 so watch change was going on , hence double the blokes on the casing . We ''repelled'' the said hippies with a few wrapped knuckles using the casing spanner as they tried to get on the missile casing . Then they fecked off and climbed on the ducks arrse of the Revenge . with a few banners. Old JJ TALL was chuffed to bits that they didnt get on Repulse , of course he had ''bragging rights '' over the skipper of the Revenge . We got on TV as well .
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Have a look here for the interview and game details. The video link is near the bottom marked Um! Video.
  9. Wasn't the German mini sub in Nelson Hall at Ganges a Biber ? There was also a 2 man torpedo. Wonder what became of them ?
  10. I remember them well in the Drill Shed at Ganges (1957). I think that they went to the Maritime Museum at Greewich.

  11. Maybe, but there's one at the RN Submarine Museum - perhaps another one.
  12. Is this the same Jeff Tall I knew when I was Jimmy of Defiance circa 1990?

  13. I worked with Jeff Tall when I was on the submarine centenary planning team based at Northwood HQ

    He is a nice guy!
  14. I was on Tubulent with his brother he was skipper at the time Dave Tall
  15. I was the LRO on Churchill after the Chatham refit when DJ was the Jimmy with Jock McLees as CO. JJ then became the CO a short while before the Guzz DED, he was called Thumper then too! As an RS I later served with DJ when he was the CO of the Reso this would have been when JJ was loafing alongside repairing his trouser legs and repelling the hippies (as reported above) whilst the Reso P and S crews did the long patrols. DJ finally left the service as a four ringer having been CAPT SM2. I saw a programme on the telly some years ago when the Chief Execs of Charlton FC and Plymouth Argyll swapped places for a week to see how the other half lived. DJ was the Argyll CE, and had a hoot lording it up in the smoke. I wonder if he still has the job? Anyway, a fine pair of brothers and a fine pair of Officers too.
  16. JJ was still there around 2000 when i was down that way on a coarse, had a chat with him at standeasy and chatted about our days on Repulse, remember that day with Greenpeace as well..saw royal stood on the foreplanes with a gun in the face of one of the protesters sayin now do you really want to put that banner there :lol:
  17. DJ fined me for reading on trot on the casing on Swiftsure. We were in the nets that afternoon, cricket practice in HMS Drake. He was taking guard and I bowled a bouncer at I ran up I shouted fifty quid you b*st*ard and tried to take his head off. He chased me all over the Drake lower sports fields swishing the bat at my head and we were laughing all the way. It seemed the normal thing to do then....everything was fun!
  18. Jeff Tall is due to appear in the History Channel's 'Mega Movers: Sub Salvage' on 23 June. The programme is about the recovery of the RN's first submarine, Holland 1, now on display in the RN Submarine Museum.
  19. lol i was Duty that day m8, was it 2 or 1 berth....
  20. we were on one berth with another boat on two berth cant remember which one it was but after the hippies got moved away fae us they rammed a rib up on to the ducks arse of the boat on two berth

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