CCRF & The Floods

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by MasterChief, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. So when exactly will the Government actually realise that (A) The RNR can help with Civil emergencies (such as flooding hint hint) and (B) We would be happy to help as our CCRF kit is just getting mouldy in kitbags .

    Or are we "Really Not Required" ??????????

    Thousands of troops in theatre. terrorists running amok, Armed forces severely stretched
    RNR at home watching sky
    TA all used up

    hello can we help

    Sorry , rant over, pass that bloody bottle of pussers, and ditch the bloody gash
  2. It has been said before that the 2SL has no budget for civil emergencies and so CCRF will not get used and is therefore a waste of time of those that got conned into taking part.
  3. Never mind 2SL , the Govt can make money available for emergencies if neccesary.
  4. Funny when anything happens we are the first to give aid, yet when something happens to us, who puts their hands in their pockets? No-one, so to all of you pro europeans out there. Bollocks.
  5. Don't you think it odd that in an emergency with lots of water and where boats would be useful the RN has been sidelined??
  6. There are RN personnel from Drake involved and i believe that Nurses from Stonehouse are helping to fill sandbags !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (true dit) why the F*** havent the RNR/RMR been mobilised
  7. I quite agree. We are ready, willing and ... not doing much else.

    The RNLI have been out doing their bit in Hull, Doncaster, Gloucester and a caravan park in Worcestershire
  8. Well you're the man to find out who should have called up HQ Land, who are the AF lead on civil contingencies matters!
  9. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Does it not beg the question "Have the emergency services asked for significant help from the Armed Forces ?" In these days of budget competition, politicisation and press attention it's not necessarily a good thing to admit you are overstretched and incapable of carrying out your job, even in an almost unprecedented situation!!

    Just look at the AF " we're stretched but not overstretched!" repeat "not overstretched, honest" repeat........ ad infinitum..........
  10. your forgetting one important thing. We don't have any boats. Still the new AW (UW) branch could get some practice in catching all those lost Koi.
  11. My old man is heavily involved as one of the Commanders in the was in an ideal position to ask why we hadnt been used.....based on what they needed and where they needed it they've had the manpower they wanted...RAF..elements of Army (Wessex Brigade) and the RN chipped in but mainly for the intensive tasks such as safeguarding electricity etc...What you must bear in mind as he pointed out that its going to take a long time to sort this out and many of the people that are there at the moment are dead on their feet...its better to stagger the help than it is to throw everything at it in the first instance.....our time may yet come..!!!
  12. just heard service personel are helping in the flooded areas

    the Army turned up in hoofing great trucks
    the RAF turned up in chopers
    and the Navy turned up on foot marching and badly from what heard
  13. I've been saying exactly the same thing all weekend whilst watching the news. Seeing some of the rescue workers who had spent the last week working 12-16 hour shifts in every 24, and what is the RNR doing to help - sweet F.A.

    Why? We have three Units close to the disaster zone - Forward, Flying Fox and Eaglet, all within 60-90mins of the worst hit areas. Why weren't we asked to help out?

    I'm seriously considering writing to my CO to question why..
  14. MasterChief,

    RNH Stonehouse closed in the 90s so I think your nurses have come from elsewhere!
  15. Not sure about other units, but I know RNAS Yeovilton are heavily involved in assisting in clear up work/ sandbag deploying/filling- thats with the few remaining personnel that aren't spread all over the world on multiple operations!!
  16. I know it did, I didnt want to give away my source, thx anyway
  17. Masterchief,

    I'm not too sure of this, but it seems that in the case of civil emergencies involving multiple agencies the police are always the lead service in the uk. this prehaps it was time they were given a nudge about the rnr and the capabilities which we have.(both from the RN and our civilian jobs).

    As a loggie I have always understood part of our remit was disaster relief as well as fleet support and again (although at the bottom of the food chain) I understand this has been looked at.

    Would the complexities of the call up system, in place at the moment, be working against us being called up? And how do we stand viz the RFA.... is there any provision for us to be used in civil defence/national/regional emergencies? I know should the call go out we would get the volunteers asked for just because that is the culture in the RNR at the mo.

    This is not a new has been asked every time an incident such as this both home and abroad has happened. It does need to be looked at quite seriously.

    "stretch crisis and war" I believe is our 2 out of three aint bad in your own backyard.

    as to the RN marching into the area of the Sub-station....the army and the fire service were already there with all the kit needed....they just needed bodies to move sandbags which we(the RN)provided.

    Standby for the Thames to burst it's banks next:) then we might see some action.
  18. It might be an idea before we all get hot under the collar's and start jumping up and down that you read the following document:

    Civil Contingency Reaction Force

    Given the document may now be a little out of date (standign by for corrections) some of the items are relevant and might explain why the RNR has not figured.

    The CCRF responsible for the Gloucestershire area is Wessex Brigade who were mobilised to help out.

    It seems clear from the booklet Page 3 "Who decides who is a member of the CCRF?" that whilst the RNR may be allowed to perform CCRF duties that it is only the TA that are mandated to do it as a normal part of their duty as are the regulars, and that other areas of the armed forces i.e. RNR have to opt in, in order to make themselves available. From my knowledge I know of no-one certainly at my unit which is one of the three most local that has opted into this. Furthermore if we have been opted in would we have not been advised as again the document indicates..(subject to piss poor RNR communication obviously).The emergency services are not going to run around rounding up people willy nilly on an adhoc basis which takes time effort and money when an organised structure exists, unfortunately clearly a structure that the RNR locally or maybe nationally clearly have not signed up for.

    Most people in my unit have never even heard of CCRF. We are constantly protastated to about raising the RNR profile, and yet something as fundamental as this is overlooked, ignored and left to chance. Dont blame the civvy authorities...I would say the blame lies with the RNR the phrase "couldnt organise a piss up in a brewery" springs to mind....!
    The hierarchy of the RNR should be looking at this as a matter of priority as it seems clear that this sort of event may become more that we are not considered in the future as nothing more than bit part player when it matters!!
  19. Not all the hierachy of the RNR are sold on its value, hence my earlier comment that some of us lower down the food chain got conned into participation when there was not buy in at the highest levels. We personally got told at our unit that it was never going to used (by a Commander whose name escapes me), leaving the Lieutenant at our unit with responsibility for this function with his head in his hands.

    Time to raise the Communication thread back up to the top of the list again me thinks!!
  20. Couldnt agree more especially with the last point Phil, also "Not all of the heirachy are sold on its value"

    Hmm...lets see raising public profile (bearing in mind ComMarRes No.1 priority) the words of a mastercard advert...stood in a city centre handing our leaflets to all and sundry....a days pay....being seen on National Television doing something exceptionally useful......PRICELESS

    Someone somwehere needs to get ones head out of ones arse!!!

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