CCRF not the CCF

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by noemis, Jan 9, 2007.

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  1. Found the lik to join the CCRF!

    CCRF Pdf

    Not to be confused with....

    The CCF
  2. Blech. CCRF. The most boring training creating since the DITs course.
  3. Interesting but pointless as there is no real training provided in the RNR and we lack the basic equipment (NBC kit) to be of any use.
  4. Sounds about the usual way of things doesn't it?

  5. Is there a National co-ordinator for RNR CCRF volunteers? If not should we just get the Pongos to take charge of us as it is their show anyway (aslong as they issue us the necessary kit and training).
  6. One thing about working with the pongo's is the food tends to be better, if they have the kit they'll issue it to you and they don't create problems like the RNR.

    Whenever we want to arrange events with them its all isurance wont allow it, can i see your paperwork etc. None of that with the pongo's. Here's an SA80, dont break it and bring it back when your finished!
  7. One minor question, who would pay for it. The RNR is skint and I cant see the TA for paying for us to play soldiers.
  8. They give you the kit you require, cash comes out of a different pot, I think it's the Home Office.

    There are plenty of RNR doing it already, if you're in, please let us all know!!
  9. where are the units based? any near south wales?
  10. PRESIDENT have a large CCRF contingent (ca 40plus members) which holds regular call up exercises, their role is to support the blue light services on the River Thames in the event of a domestic incident/crisis such as an airline crash in London or terroist activity etc..
    I attended one weekend exercise down at Longmoor but most exercises since then have been green army. However we (RNR) that is, do have an important part to play, whether we will ever get called to play is another issue.
    Kit is definetly funded from a separate MOD budget and the kit/ equipment is secured and used only for CCRF activities.

    PM if i can help with any guidance
  11. There is no national RNR CCRF co-ordinator (at least I don't beleive there is). The XO (RNSO) is the IC of the unit CCRF but this responsibility is often delegated to RNR officers. You should find out who your unit CCRF co-ordinator is and speak to them.

    The kit issue is a small problem at the moment because there will be no more kit unless we can identify where the first tranche of kit has gone.

    When the CCRF was first formed, I think a lot of people joined it "just" to get greens. Reason I say this is that attendance at some of the CCRF activities I have done has been low.
  12. Not strictly true. Following the first "London" exercise, I felt it was very good value. The problem was that the TA didn't know what to do with us. We didn't have NBC suits which meant we couldn't take part in one part of the exercise but all the other aspects were excellent, particularly the cordon control exercise.

    There are plans (thoughts) to give us a "river" role but without proper equipment and training, I fail to see when this will materialise.
  13. CCRF is not playing soldiers nor is it armed.

    The role of the CCRF is to support the blue lights services following a major incident. Think 11 Sep not 7 Jul.

    CCRF training days and budgets are in addition to normal RNR activities.
  14. Oh yeh like you said :) Must read forum before replying :)

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