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Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by milonoblet, Dec 21, 2013.

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  1. Hi all,

    Planning on going on an Army signals course, currently a Cadet LS & will almost certainly have to wear MTP/CS95 at some point... Question is... what do I do about my brassard(s)? CS95 has a button that I could attach the right brassard to, but that doesn't show rank, so I'd need to modify the kit somehow to allow me to put the left rank-bearing brassard on.

    Or... could I wear the CCF-emblazoned corporal rank slide as it's equivalent? If so, would I need to demonstrate that I'm in the RN section not Army?

    Any other suggestions welcome :)


  2. Will you be in the field? If not go with 4's. Watch as it explodes pongo's brains and everyone salutes you.

    Otherwise just sow a button on your left shoulder.

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  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    RN leading rates wear a fouled anchor to denote rank & branch of Service. They do not wear Royal Navy epaulettes & certainly don't wear Corporal rank slides. Ever.
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  4. Don't lister to Ninja. The correct dress is to respect our Army counter parts and wear the equivalent rank. For example leading hand is corporal and P.O is sergeant.
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  5. Jesus Christ.

    Please turn up with a corporal rank slide, do it.
  6. Bloody hell; you're working with the Brownies, not joining the buggers. Ninja explained it very well. Banter aside, Percy isn't so thick that he can't translate Killick to Corporal and if he can't, every day's a school day.

    What headgear are you intending to wear? I believe the correct rig would be the RN beret.
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  7. You're not a Corporal though so don't wear their rank slides. When I was in the SCC, if I had to wear CS95's, I used my blue LC rank slide.
  8. In the classroom wear the brassard and sow an extra button to attatch it to. If you are in the field then be "tactical" and take it off. The people that need to know your rank by then would know it anyway. Remind people otherwise.

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  9. Or you could get the school oik to do it for you! :)

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  10. Listen muppet - you are dressing up as almost a matelot and going to a Percy Place. It is your DUTY to confuse them with rig * and drill. Start at brekky - take 2 sausages (you're a growing lad after all) - ignore all the abuse. Wear your blue beret and all and any CCF/killick slides you can. Don't march, just bimble. Don't swing your arms - much. And under no circumstances do you stamp! Finally, look perplexed when the RSM or whatever shouts 'Squad 'shun', wait for the proper word of command 'Ho' - they'll appreciate your raw honesty.

    * Look for my 'confuse the Redcaps when ashore in Stanley off a boat' dit!
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  11. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Blandford eh?

    I'll tell my oppo's to look out for you.

    As an aside, if in 95's, wear your SCC rank slide. Don't bother with the brazzard.
  12. I'd go for this.

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  13. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Surely there is some sort of rankslide you can wear with C95's, crap or not?
  14. Now then, I've watched this thread for a while and feel it's a good time to pop in. You're a CCF cadet going on an ACF signallers course, right? As a member of the CCF it is expected that you will have long hair, a terrible beret and be awful at drill. It'd be rude to let the side down, although your unit isn't too bad in all fairness (from what I've seen of the Army section anyway).

    If you're in CS95s just sew a button on to the other side of the shirt- they don't come out of the packet with the button on the right hand side. A cadet or SSI will have put that there to allow the brassard to attach to the shirt. If you're in MTP you'll have to figure it out, how about just wearing the nearest appropriate CCF(RN) rank slide? Mind you, as alluded too earlier - as you're CCF no-one will be surprised if you've got it wrong.

    However, I presume you're doing the basic signallers course and as has been mentioned, 4s would be your correct rig for it. Yes you'll stand out and be different but you ARE different, you're an RN cadet- celebrate it! On another note, good on you for looking outside your cap badge and bidding for an Army cadet course, not enough cadets do that.
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  15. When I was an SSI I used to provide the black on green rank slide and put a CCF pin badge at the bottom of it,the cadets looked better than with a lolly pop on their C95

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  16. My old CCF unit weren't blessed enough to have an RN section
  17. I felt the need to pick a Stamford High School CCF rating in the petrol station in Stamford a few years back. Dressed in 5 trousers, white shirt untucked, trainers and a beret that looked like he'd blown up a furry balloon on his head.

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  18. And there go the CCF...
  19. Sadly the CCF I was with has gone down hill,unable to drill ,walking around with hands in their pockets,pockets undone,hair cuts needed all round,never mind,it was good when I was there. :-(

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  20. Mine was better when I was there, but it was never good. I went and joined the ACF.

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