CCF cadet hearing injury claim - who is responsible?


Then how is your hearing loss the RNs fault? If you passed a physical, you can hear according to the medical standards
I don’t know the thresholds for acceptance in the RN. Probably there’ were many personnel in the RN with NIHL serving as well.

These statistics would indicate many tested in the military have impaired hearing:

I imagine that anyone putting a NIHL claim in this far back would have difficulty proving a specific event was the sole cause. That’s why, among many other factors cited by the UK lawyers it’s really not worth pursuing.

War pensions are a lot easier to process and do not have time limits. An event like this only needs to be a contributor and the process is not adversarial, however as in my case CCF cadets are not covered for injury by it.


You should never quote statistics and insert yourself in them. Your issue is proving that one, it happened, two, it resulted in your claimed hearing loss, three, it was the RNs fault, and an important outside factor is you passed the ENTRY exam for service.

Those stats are for serving, not enlisting, members. Hence they lost hearing during service, making them eligible for pension or whatever they qualify for.

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