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Okay so,

Im currently a royal naval scholar, having passed all of the selection boards and medical exams. I will now attend Uni, and then join BRNC for training.

2 years ago I had CBT for an anxiety disorder, this was then disclosed in the medical exam and I was told it wouldn't be a problem.

I now feel that a few session of CBT would help top me up as i'm having a bit of a rough patch. Would this mean that I would have to drop my application to join?


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Any change in medical status after passing the AFCO medical examination must be declared to your ACLO.

The rough rule of thumb with mental health issues is they must be of limited duration, fully resolved and free from any treatment without recurrence for two to three years.

The AFCO medical examination is only valid 12-months and must be retaken prior to entry to remain valid.

Odds are you would be placed TMU in the interim but it would hopefully not affect the scholarship providing the medical entry criteria is met prior to noining.
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