Cayman Islands to establish a new reserve unit with support of the UK military


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My, that was quick:

Nicked from wiki:
On 12 Oct 2019, the government announced the formation of the Cayman Regiment, a new Armed Forces unit. The Cayman Regiment is planned to become operational in 2020, with an initial 30-35 personnel of mostly reservists that are locally recruited and likely initially trained as engineers. One of the main goals of the Regiment would be humanitarian relief, responding to natural disasters on the island as well as regionally to events such as hurricanes. However, the Regiment is to be assisted by the UK Ministry of Defence and Foreign and Commonwealth Office and is to likely be in the form of logistical advice and support and further along include operational training and equipment. It was said to be in ways similar to the Bermuda Regiment and Royal Montserrat Defence Force and is to be linked with the British Army Corps of Royal Engineers

But, if they want some reservists in the Caribbean,...…...

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