Cats,how do you kill yours?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by 4to8, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. Poxy cats are a plague on the earth and must be dealt with so how do you rid yourself of the little sods ? Shooting the cnuts means that you have to clear the mess before the dog gets at it ditto running over them.I prefer a nice dish of anti-freeze then they fcuk off home and snuff it in the arms of their beloveds.How do you get rid of them ?
  2. You could try the local Chinese take away, remember in China cats are a delicacy. Yummy :p
  3. which way round is it Slim? old dog /young cat or vicie versie ?
  4. Do you have anything to do with the recent disappearance of HMS Caledonia's ship's cat? :(
  6. Seeing as you asked nicely....yes,but just let me check with the galley
  7. Hessian sacks and canals. Sometimes the old methods are the best.
  8. The cats I saw in a cage in Nanchang were young cats. The dogs were of an indiscriminate age. Saw a nice snake in Anyang being fed a live mouse, nobody had bought the snake so the café owner had to keep it alive. Mouse was fighting well though and didn't give up.
    I made friends with a little monkey in one place, but it was not to last, some rich bastard ate him. :roll:
  9. Ooooooooooo NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! :pissedoff:

    I do recall reading in John Douglas's book on the TROGS of the G Spot, that once a young matelot had brought back a kitten from leave and as bring pets into the mess was strictly against regulations, and he needed to hide it quickly from one of those sinister Staff, he conceiled it in the mess fanny. They were called away and when they returned the fanny (and kitten) had gone. Frantic enquiries were made and it turned out said kitten was with fanny in the oven. What a horrible death.

    Personally I would risk cuts rather than have my pet cat baked!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :violent2:
  10. They make good Lobster Pot bait!
  11. I just prefer to shoot the little buggers with my .22 air rifle equiped with supressor to eradicate any problems with neighbours.
  12. Buy a jack russell????
  13. How do you make hoisin sauce ?
  14. Whilst I have no objection to Greeks driving trucks being set upon by Brits driving up the crime figures, I DO object to cat haters, who for the mere thought of being nasty of cute looking cats deserve to be slowly fed through a giant shredder and fed to the chavs as beefburgers! :twisted:
  15. That being said, how do you make hoisin sauce?
  16. A couple of sharks or an alligator in the fish pond can have the desired effect!
  17. I killed my cat with kindness!

    It took twenty six years!!

    Anymore stupid fecking questions!!!
  18. Dried starfish does the job nicely,
    Kitty eats the starfish, the stingy things in the starfish stick to kittys throat...Kitty chokes to death.....allegedly.

  19. I use a liberal sprinkling of curry powder when the little sods do their mess. Works a treat. :twisted:
  20. Putting a piece of lead in its ear, seems to keep them away.

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