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Discussion in 'History' started by jannerpig88, Apr 13, 2010.

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  1. what ever happened to this branch, seems to have disappeared ???? been out 20 yrs!!!!!
  2. Jannerpig88.
    A long story......roundabout the time you went outside the branch had a restructuring...all Lck's /Lca's became LCK (ck) or LCK (ca) respectivley, then things appeared to be working ok they decided to change it again so all Supply Branch ratings are now ..

    CK = Logs(P) Preparation .... LCK....... Llogs (p)
    STWD =Logs (D) Delivery .........LSTWD Llogs(d)
    WTR = Logs (Pers) (personel) LWTR Llogs (Pers)
    SA = Logs (SC) Supply Chain LSA Llogs (SC).

    Obviously add PO / CPO after deleting the L

    Hope that helps
  3. Was "catering accountant" ever a job title? I've asked a couple of questions previously regarding the catering branch and it's current situation, but had no replies. :roll:
    As an ex Chief Caterer, formerly Ldg Cook(O), who was a founder member of the branch in 1964, and has been on pension for thirty five years, :lol: I am interested in what became of my branch, and would appreciate any further information available, either in open forum, or by PM.

  4. 2BM
    Yes Catering Accountant was a branch / trade, Although i cant remember when it came into being, but when I was going through (not literally) Pembroke in 78 there were def caterers there. The Branch itself ceased to be in the late 80's early 90's when the Ck and Ca branches were almalgamated. They then became CK (c) And CK (ca) one lot cook the food the others cook the books (so to speak). then it all got changed again and they became as one. The branch restructured again and they all became as one, solely known as a Chef (but being equally useless at Cooking and Accounting, but not all of them Im pleased to say) again later on the branch was restructured / renamed as described in my earlier post. Hope that helps a bit shippers.
  5. I recall being at Pembroke in 74, there were CA's there then but, the branch at that time was for PO rate and above only. So a lot of chefs etc were recating as their rosters were 5+ years to get your rate...
  6. CA Nuts and raisins
    SA Nuts and bolts

    :D :D :D
  7. I was there at that time, and I'm sure there was a recat Stoker going through the course .
    What the p***er was, was if they completed the course, and had been qualified for the next rate in their original Branch, IIRC they were rated POCA at the end.
  8. Was that at the same time as the Wainwright/Supply Branch prosecutions - Filled Winchester Gaol and emptied the S & S rosters?
  9. Yep !

    A certain Subby who was a keen caravanner, nicknamed John Wayne because of the way he strutted around Pembroke (and who also refused to sign a travel chitty for his staff members who shared cars because it was 'fraud' - but that's another story ;) ) - happy days when he got done :lol: , and an FCCA (who actually was quite a good bloke) were removed tout de suite, but I don't think there were many below that level who were involved, if any at all, at least not that I can recall in Pembroke.

    And not a few port Contractors got their marching orders also.

    Overseeing control was given to the Dusties for quite a while after that,

    Shortly after this episode that I left and went to Tiger - an No!, I was not a Caterer.
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    Moved to 'The Fleet' forum - not necessarily a topic of historical significance, but more of a dit-spinning opportunity...

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