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Would you believe we still have it here as well! Yersinia Pestis is still about and if I recall correctly is quite prevalent in sewage workers . Was a case where a patient died after being infected with a contaminated blood transfusion quite a few years back... the donor had Yersinia on his skin and it managed to get into the donation. Knock on effect was to improve the skin cleaning preparations used which kills 99% of all known germs and seriously maims the remaining 1%. Nasty little bug if it gets inside you however is killed by soap and water on the skin!
The form of the Black Death that killed so many people in the Middle Ages was the Pnuemonic which affects the lungs. It is spread human to human by sneezing and does not require the help of fleas or animals. This form is the one that spreads the fastest hence the large death toll. The bubonic only spreads very slowly because of the requirement of fleas hence the lower levels of death.

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