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rosinacarley said:
the butter will get to visit a new shelf every day and I will likely get another kitten.

Is the butter ready for such excitement, have you ever considered that after all that churning it may well be far happier having it's own little place in the fridge. After all happy butter tastes better.

No all used overalls were thrown out recently, I am still carrying the BNWL ones around in my car. Sorry also on the steaming bat front, he was wearing slippers!
Oh well, I can't complain. I'll kit him out when he arrives! Will a 7 and a quarter head size sailors hat fit him - it's only a JRs one though, but I'm sure it'll suit him! Does he like Lurpack butter or does he prefer some other type?
If he doesn't arrive tomorrow morning Rosina, I'm going to be SOOOOO disappointed!!! His hammock's freshly scrubbed and the Lurpack's in the fridge with all the beer cans.
percey99 said:
We have a new kitten , My wifes employer says she cannot have just 3 days off to look after this new member of the family ....... Some of these employers think they own you >>>

Just to get back on the main subject-- :lol: :lol:

If your acquisition of the kitten had been on Friday evening you would've had all weekend to settle in with it . -and possibly shown it by invite to all those interested at the same time.

Kittens aren't helpless like pups and usually make their own way in life at an early age.
Apart from that if you are both working during the day it isn't really fair on the pet to be alone all day anyway. Get a dog/cat sitter to call in when you are away.

As for the holidays and days off --if they are due then I think its part of law that number of days off is the number of days required to give prior notice that days off are to be taken--- kittens or whatever reason!!
to randomly rant and rave, when working for naafi I used to take 5/10 mintue fag brakes, never smoked in my life but why should I have to miss out on sitting at the bar getting cancer when everyone else had a turn

Brown paper parcel arrived this morning, well wrapped, perhaps too well wrapped. After cutting through the elephant tape I tipped out one very hot, sweaty, pissed-off, tired, homesick PO Stoker. I was a bit shocked that he was wearing ONLY his green fluffy slippers and the pink bow you secured round his neck (a tad over the top, if you ask me), but after a shower and three large bowls of shredded wheat he was as right as rain. He was VERY homesick though, crying in his shreddies and even the three babies heads all got drenched and became very soggy indeed! Well, you know what a big softy I am Rosina, I took pity on him. There are only two cures for homesick sailors and the Navy Way is not my way. Far too unkind! So I put him in freshly ironed ovies, polished black boots and a false beard and have send him back by courier riding a Harley (she's very attractive - last I saw he was holding her firmly using both of his large hands, and she was very appreciative :p). He'll reach you later today. He promised he'd NEVER moan again and he no longer minds where you put the butter... just as long as it's in the same place every day!

PS: He's drunk all the Tuborg in my fridge - all 30 cans, and licked the butter like a cat (Uuurgh!).
AAC, for god's sake man, I don't want him back. Last night was lovely. I had the bed to myself and the three catties. There was no snoring, no nasty smells and this morning, no whining about how squashed he was last night.

However, I found that I missed his technical expertise in respect of the sky+ and horror of horrors had to go into the loft to get something today with all the spiders. I think I was very lucky that we have not had a mouse issue in his absence.

BTW, he is happily working away in his shed, humming a little happy tune, and asks me to thank you for the wheaties and babies heads and for returning him unused!
percey99 said:
We have a new kitten , My wifes employer says she cannot have just 3 days off to look after this new member of the family ....... Some of these employers think they own you >>>


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