Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by percey99, Sep 19, 2006.

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  1. We have a new kitten , My wifes employer says she cannot have just 3 days off to look after this new member of the family ....... Some of these employers think they own you >>>
  2. Fascinating. Really fascinating.
  3. I assume this is 3 days annual Leave, not compassionate?
  4. Once heard of someone actually getting compassionate leave because her cat died. World gone mad!!

  5. I don't have any children, nor to I ever intend to (dreadful creatures that they are!). Does that mean I am being discriminated against when my colleagues are sympathetically received if their child is sick but I have to take my boys to the vets in my own time?

    As it turns out my employer is very sympathic to personal issues and I would not want to work for an employer who is not. Tell your wife to find a new job with a better employer.
  6. Might have known that you would be sympathetic Rosina!
  7. I'm sorry! Your point is ...?!!
  8. I saw a poorly worm in my back garden over the weekend and later saw the same poor worm being eaten alive by a Starling.

    It was so distressing and is affecting my work output so much thinking of the poor helpless and defenceless worm. I am unable to get it out of my mindand need some time off work to cope.

    I might even take the Starling to court on grounds of cruelty and harrassment to worms and see if I can get a five figure sum ;-) :)

    Sorry, but I cannot see how a poorly cat can be seen in the same light as a child, I really cannot and I have pets of my own.
  9. Brigham dear - take all the time off you need - I'm sure that being so overworked at collingwood is taking its toll!

    But seriously, it is not about having time off because you are stressed about the death of your pet or having a sick child, for me it is about having an employer who is reasonable to the work-life balance. I had to ask mine if I could be deployed for Op Telic at 4 days notice and they moved heaven and earth. When I asked for time off unapid to study for my solicitors exams, here I am.

    But moving back to the original thread I think it is very harsh of you to say that someone cannot be distressed at the death of a beloved pet, it is likely because you are a bloke, when my cat had to go to the big cattery in the sky I had nothing but sympathy from my colleagues, admittedly all girls. They brought me tissues, chocolate and shoulders to cry on, they didn't mock or comment that it was only a cat, not a child.
  10. The Royal Navy's your family Rosina and you must have realised by now that male matelots never really grow up properly. Have you learned nowt from RR? So you have the PO Stoker. Look after him well. Water him daily and talk gently to him and once he's gone through adolencence (ie jealousy of the felines) he'll be at right as rain. :lol:
  11. Don't be obsurd AAC - the PO Stoker does not need looking after, he is a grumpy irrasible old g*t and the only water he is likely to get is a bucket of water thrown over him. But thanks for the advice anyway!
  12. A bucket of water over a stoker! How cruel! Surely you don't want to extinguish him so soon in his young life Rosina?
  13. Young life??!! Are you on drugs? He is 43 going on 75. He is never happy than when whining about something! its too hot ... its too cold ... I've stolen the duvet ... why have you covered me in the duvet? ... why is the freezer full of food, there is no room? ... why is there nothing in the freezer .... why have you moved the butter from its designated place, you know it stays there for when I go blind in 30 years ... why are the windows open, the bugs get in .... its too hot ... etc
  14. 43, he's the same age as me. What do you mean OLD Rosina? Anyone born around 1963 is in their PRIME at this time!!! :eek: As for the drugs, well I do like my beer, rum and malts, in reverse order of preference. 8) And the moaning? All sounds quite reasonable to me! Why do you keep relocating the butter in the fridge? What has the PO Stoker ever done to you that you should treat him so badly. Poor fellow youngster! :p
  15. Stop twisting things AAC. I did not say he was old, I said he was grumpy!

    I think the location of butter in a fridge is worthy of a whole other thread. Should butter be left in the same location or can it live anywhere in the fridge? Discuss!
  16. One must remeber that your young, compared to me any way, PO Stoker had beaten into his stoker skull the navy concept of a place for everything and everything in it's place. By not allowing him to follow this you are creating considerable mental stress for the poor darling which will ultimately result in the need for extensive therapy and counselling.

  17. Comparing the death of a cat to the death of a child?? Hmmmmm.

    Slightly adrift with the scale of grieving perhaps?

    I cried and was choked when my Alsation died but that is not really on the same scale as someone losing one of their children.
  18. I would never compare the death of a companion animal to that of a child. The point was whether an employer was sensitive to an employee's personal life.

    Anyone who decries the emotions felt on the death of a pet is clearly a heartless git, but of course it is most certainly not the same as the death of a child.
  19. Butter, in my humble view should remain firmly in its allocated position in the fridge, and anyone, male or female , who disagrees with this point of view, should, in my opinion, have things done to them that would make the Spanish Inquisition,look like children playing in a sand pit.
  20. Bit reactionary Higgy lambchop. Perhaps you and the PO Stoker should shack up together you sound like you would be good together!

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