Cat B/Car licence course at Nelson

Anyone know what the deal with the test is?
Do you go out to a DSA test centre, or do BAE have internal examiners?

Not the end of the world if I don't find out before I go, just curious.
I did B+E a while back but the training was based up at Dryad. The examiners where there as well but the tests started and finished at the pongo base at Thorney Island. The examiners were employed by the MOD if I remember right but they were alright. Hope that's of help.
I did the normal driving course at Dryad 3 years ago, accom was in Nelson and got driven upto Dryad daily. Civvy instructor and examiner, both (I assume) employed by the MOD. Two week course but did the test after 5 days, I had to have passed the theory test prior to my arrival. Instructor & examiner both tip top. Good luck.
Cheers for that. I'm under the impression I'm doing it at Nelson itself, with BAE, but I've left the paperwork in my locker on Squadron. D'oh.

I've already passed my theory, done 36 hours of lessons and failed one test, so should be ok I reckon. If I can smash it out after 5 days I'll be happy with that.