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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by lucid418, Oct 18, 2010.

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  1. Hi there, I am currently doing some research about the submarine service and would be grateful if anyone could answer the following questions:

    What is a casing officer?
    What does this job entail?

    Many thanks :)
  2. Hi Lucid!

    Welcome to Rum Ration!

    Are you researching this because you are applying to join the Royal Navy yourself?
  3. Or is he a serving submariner who wants to know what the fcuk the casing officer does - apart from sit in the wardroom spinning gash dits ;)
  4. Thanks for the swift reply, I am hoping of starting a career in the submarine service soon and whilst doing some research I couldn't seem to find any info on this role!!
  5. Suffice to say that if you draw the short straw in the Wardroom you become Casing Officer.
    If at some time in the future you actually become a Casing Officer just remember to keep out of the way of the Scratcher(Senior Rating I/C of casing) and the rest of the Casing Party at Harbour Stations and all will be fine.
  6. The casing is the outer streamlining which houses the pressure hull of the submarine. A junior officer of the executive department is given the responsibility of ensuring its material condition, stowage and readiness for entering/leaving harbour. He has a team of ratings to assist him with this task.
  7. Thank you so much, appreciate the time spent answering my questions. :)
  8. How much progress have you made with your application so far, Lucid?
  9. I have my AIB date for early November. I am hoping for January intake, as DGE warfare officer. The ACLO said this term intake has been reduced in numbers with 30 warfare officers making up the 90 odd cadets, so I imagine it well be extremely competitive. Fingers crossed!!
  10. Good Luck!

    Have a browse through this, if you haven't seen it before:
  11. I believe the Casing Officer (CASO) is 1 step up from CBO (Classified Books Officer). It's a Junior Warfare Officer job, most Junior Warfare Officers who are new joiners end up doing that. You are in charge of all Harbour evolutions from the casing, and weapon embarkation/disembarkation, among general things like casing crawls to ensure no nuts and bolts are stuck anywhere that are going to rattle. Naturally you would be in a management position, so you wouldn't acctually get your hands dirty, the AB's do that. But you take all the responsibility, and if something goes wrong it's coming down on your head from the XO/CO. You'll do Safety briefs before evolutions and you'll sign records to say casing crawls have been completed.

    After doing that for a while you should move up in jobs then the new Junior Officer that joins will become CASO. That's how it tends to work anyway.

    Generally as a Junior Warface Officer you're aim is to get upto Watch Leader status, where you can be an Officer of the Watch at sea, and take duties alongside as Officer of the Day.
  12. Rattle? What rattle? I can't hear a rattle. There is no rattle.

    I'll be in my bunk........... :cry:
  13. and remember to absorb the shouting ramblings of the XO and convert it into something coherent that the Scratcher can understand!
    you can spin plenty of gash dits while standing aft out of the XO's eyeline pretending you know what your doing!! :lol:
  14. 8O The Lowly Casing Officer is supposed to listen to Gash Dits, not be a spinning of 'em :wink:
  15. nah breathingout, you got it wrong. the lads tell all the dits, the CASO tells the GASH dits!! you know, the ones where no one laughs!!
  16. :|
  17. I agree!!

    some dits are shocking!
  18. Do not judge a CASO too early. I was Scratcher on Churchill in the 70s and we had young chap called Tim McClement. Typical young CASO looked good and kept out of the way. HE later became FOSM and became Sir Tim McClement KCB OBE!!
  19. He was my skipper on Tireless (where he got the OBE) and bloody good he was too.
  20. Any young CASO would do well to follow his example.

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