Cash-strapped Royal Navy sells branded pants


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I was bored so started to surf the net and this appeared:

Will the RN get a new branch of shop assistants?
Can you imagine the routine if a customer returned something?

"Right sir fill in one of these request forms, Take it to the occifffer over there for signing, then seem the MAA" "Yes he's the one looking like a security guard".
"OK sir now you've completed that we can arrange for you to appear on Managers request-men in two weeks time when a decision will be made"


RN branded goods not a new thing Slim - got a RN Rugby Top & Ball Cap several years ago through NN with the 'wavy' W Ensign on - got another RN Ball cap for the boy last year with a 'square' W Ensign on. They were selling jewelry, clothing, teddy bears and a few other items. Don't know if any of the proceeds went to pussar though.


War Hero
It would be interesting to know how much, if anything, actually comes back to those in uniform. Does the brand offer contributions towards welfare items and facilities? or does the fee for the use of go directly to the treasury?

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