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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by seanie88, Feb 26, 2009.

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  1. ok i've looked on the website and it says i need 80 pound for my fist few weeks ok no problem.

    i've heard i have to pay for my uniform ?? how much is that and what else do i need to pay for that i've got to have suh as a haircut stuff like that

    just want to know so i knwo weather or not i should keep my mobile phone contract and keep my car on the road and insured for when i go home and so i am earning more of a no claim's bonus.

    any help will be great thank you
  2. You don't have to pay for your uniform, get your hair cut before you join and save up for English lessons :roll:
  3. *sniggers loudly*
  4. Excellent thank you

    and Y do i need english lessuns's ?? :)
  5. You don't have to pay for your uniform. There are some incidential charges for laundering of some uniform/bedding etc. Get your haircut before you join. You will have access to your mobile phone but not during the working day as it interfers with training, so I would recommend that you keep up the payments. You will not have access to your car during phase 1, but once you move on to phase 2 you will be allowed to take it to your phase 2 establishment. All of this, and lots more, will be explained in greater detail when you receive your pre entry brief which is normally about 6-8 weeks before you are due to join.
  6. Cheer's thanks a lot for the help.
  7. Its not compulsary but you may need some money for The Aggie Weston Fund For Distressed Seamen,SSAFA,The Home Club,the Divisional PO's Beer Boat,Mess Tea Boat and the PTI's Fund for Sports Injuries.In all about £450 should cover them.Then youll need to open a NAAFI account for the Galley so you can eat,then theres the Professional Register of Naval Ratings that you need to be part of or you wont pass phase 2,thats about another £125.The you may find its easy to engage the services of the onboard Laundry Service which should set you back about £15 a week.Hope this helps.
  8. Haircut before you join or not, it will be cut again so no point.
  9. What haircut do you get and what would be suitable to join up with? Currently i just get a 2 on the sides scissored on top.
  10. Ever seen Full Metal Jacket?
  11. I recommend a mullet or a Fauhawk. So you might want to grow it a bit.
  12. Can anyone else smell Norman?
  13. Where?
  14. Assuming thats a piss take, if not and the Navy does actually like mullets and faux hawks then perhaps its not the life for me :p
  15. Is this the new Week Ten?

  16. Its all around us.

    I think we are standing in it.
  17. I was informed that a No2 all over before will save you £5 on my pre-joining brief?
  18. We're sinking!

  19. Thats cos you are up shit creek in a barbed wire canoe........

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