Cash for Honours and Service Involvement.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Nov 19, 2006.

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  1. Is the RN involved in the cash for honours scandal. many years ago a CPO I knew received the BEM. Now he wasn't anything special and hadn't done anything of merit. I believe the reason he was awarded the honour was he was a member of the local Conservative club where he invested many pounds in the bar ( he was also a member of the local Labour club where similar investments were made).
  2. Doubt if it works like that! I knew a few guys would be Earls by now at least on that system - and me welll.......... :roll:
  3. He'll have got the BEM because he was a Chief and been nominated for some reason by the Navy. Perhaps he turned a blind eye to something irregular by a naval or other VIP? I've seen it happen at work where a Union colleague got an MBE for not taking action against a VIP who punched one of my colleagues who he accused of 'taking' his parking place! The victim didn't even drive! The other explanation could be he was part of the naval "quota" for honours in the ranks. We have a quota type system at work - a certain number of people - all senior staff of course - automatically get a CB or K after a certain number of years in post/upon retirement. They don't need to do anything they are not paid for to get them - it comes with the job! That just puts the whole cash for honours thing into some perspective! :roll:
  4. Can't see a problem with cash for honours myself. Its happened since time immemorial. In the old days the King would grant Knighthoods to gentry who supplied him with solders etc. Officers commissions always had to be purchased. ALL GOVERNMENTS have given titles to benefactors depending on the size of the donation. I see no reason for this to change but with the provisions that nothing other than the honour is involved, i.e. no seat in the lords, no place on government committees etc.
    A title without power or reward except the right to wear whatever regalia came with it. Let the rich kids play their dressing up games and remain in a world purely of their own.
  5. Well the amount of beer i put away adding to the NAAFI welfare funds,i should be in line for a KCB at very least!

  6. They do: It's called playing Lawyers/Parliament/Councillors! :wink: :lol:
  7. Yes but to become a Lawyer you have to be professionally qualified. Councillors and members of parliament must be clever enough to fool sufficient people to vote for them.
    Surely an honour without power would be a just reward for a bundle of cash. Though instead of this cash going to political parties perhaps it should be given to worthwhile causes like free booze for ex serviceman.
    Possibly these titles and medals should be auctioned off, we could have a whole new generation of reality TV shows.
    Lets have some titles please. Here's one to start:

    1. Going for a gong.
  8. I`m in the shit...get me out of here.
  9. You didn't buy your Baronetcy did you Sir Hig? 8O I heard you'd earned it for cementing Anglo-French relations. :)
  10. Back in the 70s (swing that lamp, sir...!!) a POSA was awarded the BEM for destoring a certain establishment - and this is the job that he was supposed to do as a Dusty ---- he was also a no-badge PO, which was a complete rarity in the Stores branch, might have been one of the reasons I suppose ?

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