Cash for foreign inmates doubles

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Nov 6, 2007.

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  1. So the government is going to spend even more of our money deporting foreign law breakers. Why?
    Any foreigner convicted of major or a host of minor criminal activities should not serve anytime in our jails. they should be immediately deported to wherever they came from no matter if that place is dangerous.
    No money should be given to them.
  2. When you were born into this world you was naked, everyone around you was laughing and you were crying; sounds a rather funny way to deport them home as well if you ask me! :laughing3:
  3. Totaly agree with you , just get rid of the scumbags .
  4. Why waste time and money deporting them ???

    If they are in range of suitable ordnance, could said prisons not be used for target practice of multiple devices ??

    Gives the chance to prove weapon effectiveness and removes scum and limescale in one go.....
  5. FFS why are we PAYING them?We should be charging them for the facilities used.Stick em on an old pussers bus and drop em of at the frog end of the Tunnel!!!!
  6. If Italy has used common sense and deported all those who are likely to be criminals[Romas] and the EU has said it was not breaking the law then is it too much to ask we do the same?
    It makes my blood boil to know thousands of Romanians are fleecing this country with card fraud and shoplifting whilst hundreds of thousand are driving with no insurance or tax.
    I'm sick of it and for the first time I think I'll vote for someone who addresses this.
    I'm no racist,as a musician my band is mostly from other countries,point is they work and blend in,they are not taking me for a fool.
    I kind of hope that Blair gets galloping knobrot and passes it on to the rest of his former government!
  7. In Kings Lynn they are selling the Big Issue!!!If they cant support themselves finacially , send then bastards back!!!
  8. You'll vote for someone who addresses this--BNP?

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