Cash boost for injured soldiers.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by lukep, Dec 15, 2008.

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  1. Good to hear the government are upping the pay out. However, this only counts towards people injured since April 2005..............what about the injured prior, do they not deserve something too?
  2. There HAS to be a cut off date JD.
    Still, I'd like to know who came up with that date in particular.
  3. I understand about a cut off date but still, were there not extremely injured service men/women prior to that date? I'd like to know that too Lamri.

    I hope they rethink the cut of date, fingers crossed.

    Least there is some progress on this.

    Edited due to being a plonker
  4. That date has been set due to maximum political effect with minimal financial repercussions mate and thats a sad fact.
  5. It's not a sad fact it is good news and you should rejoice at the decision.
  6. Read my post. Maximum Political Effect with Minimal Financial Repercussions.
    That's a sad fact.
  7. I did read it and responded appropriately.
  8. No, you didn't respond appropriately, you responded in your usual manner.
  9. My guess would be that the gov is looking to those who have survived situations and injuries that, prior to the current round of police actions would have been considered unsurviveable.

    I couldn't be sure of it, but I'd bet that there are very few triple amputees from before the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts and the increase must reflect the public's attitude to seeing these lads in increasing numbers. In addition, of course, are the also increasing instances of Service personnel being awarded sums by Industrial Tribunals completely out of sync with the damage done.

    Maybe the badly injured should be encouraged to take their cases to said Tribunals?
  10. Just as you do with your oblique political innuendoes. =)
  11. Fink it really isn't my fault that you continue to read my posts out of context mate.
    This isn't me labelling the current outgoing government in a bad light, they've done that enough for themselves and don't need MY help. My post would have been the same whoever was in government. Like I said, its a sad fact.
  12. Finknottle

    Have you tried getting compensation for the massive chip that is obviously firmly attached to your shoulder?

    Hardly a thread goes by without you jumping in with both feet and trying (and credit where credit is due - largely succeeding) to be as obnoxious as it is humanly possible to be in one of these on-line blogs.
  13. Fink as the last surviving member of the Gordon Broon appreciation society please close the door after the next election :w00t:
  14. I am a Scot how could I possibly have a chip on my shoulder?
  15. Fink

    Great response - I enjoyed that! (I have my own answer of course but that would spoil the banter)

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