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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by BillyNoMates, Oct 2, 2016.

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  1. A few days ago - I dropped in here:-

    Now, I've had my accounts with only two banks in my entire life and there was
    some "add-ons" that I absolutely knew I had never used, so I downloaded one of
    the sites letter templates (the one listed as "Packaged accounts - reclaim letter")
    and fired it off to the first bank I had accounts with. This was on the 23rd of
    September. Friday just gone I received a phone call at home from one of their
    team who asked me to confirm everything...this I duly did and he said he'd get
    back to me. By 16:00 that same afternoon I got a reply from the bank in question.
    The claims investigator said "Yes - these parts of your account package have never
    been used and we will be reimbursing you the sum of £1981. 83p". This dosh was
    in my account by midday on Saturday, including the interest on it.
    Happy bunny.
    He also advised me to go after my current bank with a view to putting in a second
    claim for the same thing (plus the accrued interest). The second letter is winging its
    way to that bank even as I type this.
    Looks like I'll dip in again, and top up the coffers with almost four grand.
    Extremely happy bunny.
    Did I mention that I have recently had a tax rebate as well? Did that on line and
    it was in the bank within five days.
    About time I had some financial luck. So - if you haven't tried you'll never know.
    I recommend that you give it a go if you have, or have ever had a bank account with
    "extras" that have incurred a monthly charge.
    All I did was send one letter - no statements - no nothing. Some folk would have
    probably held out for more - but I couldn't be arsed. One letter - two phone calls
    and approx £2,000 extra appearing in my bank account was good enough for me.


    p.s. If you get a dit from the tax man stating you've paid too much - then claim it back
    on line. It's faster. You will need a Government Gateway I.D.
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  2. I tried on numerous occasions to get my PPI back and failed at every hurdle. I then used a PPI claim company that was recommended and we have received nearly £4K so far. If anybody would like the contact let me know?
  3. PLEASE tell me it isn't Gladstone Brookes. Useless scouse twats.
    Got my ppi through direct contact with Lloyds (Black Horse),
    after wasting weeks with that bunch on no marks.
  4. No not them :)
  5. Yesterday (that's a Thursday to you sleeping people), in between tiling the kitchen,
    I popped along for a meeting with Mister Manager of the City Centre TSB. After getting
    payback from Lloyds (when it was part of TSB - before they split up) - I carried on my
    quest to seek further compo from the bit that still has my accounts (i.e. TSB).
    After a 90 minute (sensible) chat, I came away with £1,017 quid more than I went into
    town with plus a 3 month break on my current loan repayments plus a further reduction
    in loan repayments commencing January 2017.

    And all the kitchen tiles went up straight as well.

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