Cart before the Horse?

Drax, once threatened with closure is at least trying to reduce it's dependence on coal.

BBC News - Drax shares boosted by biomass news

Having said that we still have 75% of the countrys coal still unused, maybe we should be spending more on the gasification of coal as a fuel source ?.
Well we had coal gasification of coal once ,but it was ditched for n sea gas !.I am more or less sat on 300.000.000 plus tonnes of coal but it has all been sterilised and a power station wit flu(in fact two of em ) desulpherisation just down the roadwqhich could supply 50% or more of the generating needed without biomass using almost 10.000.000 tonnes a week
I remember when a certain Labour government 'invested' in car production in the late 70's.................
This shyster took everyone 'for a ride'..........still, we got three decent movies out of it.


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Its a job to see where Gov. thinking is coming from, we are staring right down the barrel of severe electrical supply problems and yet they still decommission coal fired power station without waiting for their replacements to be built, let alone come on line. Some urgent research needs to go into cleaner coal stations, there's enough of the stuff in country so we wouldn't need to be so reliant for supplies of it as we are for gas and electricity.

We still hold only about three days reserves of gas, dispite plans being set out for huge storeage caves off of Portland. The whole project seems to have come to a dead stop. You in a position to give us an update on it Waspie?
Recent UK governments have been very keen to go off to international conferences and sign up on our behalf to big plans to reduce global warming (which has now morphed into climate change).No target was too high for our ever eager politicians to want to shout "me sir,me sir,let me be first to sign up." triumphantly they would return with puffed out chests and not a little smuness to tell us all how we Brits would be at the forefront in the charge for a greener world.All well and good until it came for planning what would replace all the old power stations.All we got was hundreds of wind turbines but nothing to back them up on days when the wind doesn't blow.
I'm old enough to remember the power outages of the 1970s courtesy of the Miner's strikes and forty years on we are staring them in the face again.My advice is get your own generator organised now because if you leave it to the politicians(whatever colour) you'll be spending time living in the dark.
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