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Cars slowing for average cameras


War Hero
UncleAlbert said:
I`ve just been done for jumping a red light…1.3 seconds…FFS… nevermind it was on a roundabout and I had white van man up my arrse and a load of stuff in the back which if I made an emergency stop I would have been wearing as a necklace…1.3 seconds FFS… that’s a blink that is …fcukin Nazis.

That’s better.


Surely you noticed that the light went AMBER before changing to RED.
An amber light on its own means STOP.
Nutty said:
Maxi_77 said:
slim said:
I believe in a speed limit to protect the workforce. However I also believe that while there is no workforce present then in this day and age the limit should be turned off. After all if the system is clever enough to read number plates and work out average speeds then surely someone must be clever enough to turn it off when it is mot required

In the UK our legioslation for such reduced speed limits does not allow part day or variable limits so at present they cannot change them according to the varying risk factor which as you suggest is stupid. The Scottish Executive has asked Westminster to change the law because quite surprisingly for a bunch of Nulabor numpties helped by some iliberals they have come to the same conclusion as you.


So how do they have enforcable varible speed limits on the Western Side of the M25 that can change minute to minute if the law does not allow this?


Wholly different part of the legislation from that establishing temporary speed limits so I am told, there was a bit of a fluff up here when the Executive let slip they had asked Westminster to change this and had had a big zero as a reponce.
UncleAlbert said:
I`ve just been done for jumping a red light…1.3 seconds…FFS… nevermind it was on a roundabout and I had white van man up my arrse and a load of stuff in the back which if I made an emergency stop I would have been wearing as a necklace…1.3 seconds FFS… that’s a blink that is …fcukin Nazis.

That’s better.


Having seen a young girl nearly run down by some one jumping a red light yesterday, not top of my sympathy list
UncleAlbert said:
......1.3 seconds FFS… that’s a blink that is …fcukin Nazis.….

By my reckoning, if you were driving at 30 mph, you were about 20 yards short of the signal when it changed to red and I'd bet you gassed it to beat the change! Lucky you didn't have to be scraped up by one of our paramedic contributors, you bad lad.
Here in the Smoke, the red lights will catch all drivers breaking the red light, and they will be fined accordingly, even those who move out of the way for emergency vehicles.
However, it appears that these lights are very selective in this operation, because taxi drivers, bus drivers, and some cyclists are free to break this Highway Code rule of the road as and when they see fit.
Big Brother (otherwise known as 'Sweet Ole Uncle Ken') has so many cameras set up here, that you probably wouldn't be able to pass wind in future without being fined for pollution ....!! :wink:
Anchor_Faced_Jack said:
lamptramp63 said:
They are alsdo lane dependant so if you feel you were to fast at point 1 change lanes and slow down and your average speed will have droppedwhen passing point 2.

I don't think that that is strictly true - as one camera can cover more than one lane

I find sticking to the limit works for me :lol:


Just found this:

Seems that it may be the law and ot the SPECS system that has the fault

Anyone want to try it??
One camera covers one lane,one gantry (4 cameras) can cover 4 lanes
If you read the quoted web pages it confirms this.
These cameras are normally deployed on A class trunk roads where there has been sufficient amount of accidents to meet the siting criteria.
From experiance with "vascar" which operates in the same manner but not lane dependant , a change of lane over the locus increases the distance by x amount of yards which increases the time taken to cover the distance between the fixed points thereby reducing the average speed.
Speed = Distance/Time
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