Cars slowing for average cameras

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Feb 28, 2007.

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  1. Its my belief that this is the only type of camera which woorks. However being as it has number plate recognition why is it not being used to kill two birds with one stone. Lets put police cars at the end of the roadworks and catch the uninsured, untaxed drivers who are far more dangerous than the speeding motorist! :evil:
  2. Perhaps they ought to put workers in the areas that these cameras are set up, that way drivers might just stick to the limit... :wink:
  3. what kind of workers?
  4. I'd rather see more of these if we have to have cameras. People may still race and then slow down for them, but at least you can horn them into speeding up. I agree with the tax and insurance too. I am always angered when i hear about the ridiculous fines that uninsured drivers get (if they're even caught!). Mostly, it's less than my insurance cost in my first year of driving!
  5. The ones supposed to be doing roadworks ?
  6. never ever seen any of those? just cones.
  7. Road workers!!!! Never seem to be around the area do they?? :evil:
  8. They should have brought in these type of cameras years ago!
    As they say, the "flash" money boxes only capture the speeding ones passing that spot and we all know motorist slow down as they pass and then speed up again!
    Have similar set up on "toll" roads in Europe (not for speedind as such, but could be used) where you pick up a ticket at the "start" point of a "toll" road and pay when you exit. As these tickets are timed then you can work out how quickly you made that journey from A to B.
    On the uninsured issue...why not display your insurance in the windshield as we do Tax??Have to in places like Italy...just a thought.
  9. I believe in a speed limit to protect the workforce. However I also believe that while there is no workforce present then in this day and age the limit should be turned off. After all if the system is clever enough to read number plates and work out average speeds then surely someone must be clever enough to turn it off when it is mot required
  10. Just read the bbc report. These type of cameras have been in operation in the South East for many years, so how come the West country is only installing them now?

    I know the pace of life is a little slower down there, but come on .... :???:
  11. The have been waiting for the scrumpy powered version :wink:
  12. Cheers slim, that made a crappy Wednesday end on a good note :lol:
  13. As these cameras work on an average speed over two fixed points the same as "vascar" they do give a fairer speed than the fixed "Gatso"camera which could catch you as you speed up to overtake in order to avoid a collision etc. They are alsdo lane dependant so if you feel you were to fast at point 1 change lanes and slow down and your average speed will have droppedwhen passing point 2.They only take from the front so motorcycles can ignore( at their peril)
    Every body speeds those who deny are liars!
  14. I do NOT speed - the road signs are just not matching my speedo.... :neutral: :wink:
  15. I don't think that that is strictly true - as one camera can cover more than one lane

    I find sticking to the limit works for me :lol:


    Just found this:

    Seems that it may be the law and ot the SPECS system that has the fault

    Anyone want to try it??
  16. The speed limits are there for two reasons, one as you rightly suggest is to make things safer for the workers, and also because often the reduced width lanes contra flows etc to increase the risk of accients between vehicles and any accident will cause even more congestion.

    In the US they quite sensibly double the penalty if you speed at roadworks if workers are present.

    In the UK our legioslation for such reduced speed limits does not allow part day or variable limits so at present they cannot change them according to the varying risk factor which as you suggest is stupid. The Scottish Executive has asked Westminster to change the law because quite surprisingly for a bunch of Nulabor numpties helped by some iliberals they have come to the same conclusion as you.
  17. Presently the government are operating variable speed limits on parts of the M25. Surely they should be able to use the legislation allowing this to be used elsewhere?
    I'm sure that most sensible drivers do not object to slowing down and having the speed limit lowered in the interests of workers safety. Unfortunately when I drive the 180 miles between Wokingham and Llangennech I encounter a great many speed controlled areas (between 5 and 8) and only rarely see anyone working.
    What happened to the lane rental system the government suggested many years ago, this meant a company was allowed a set time to complete the repairs and if they took longer had to pay rental for the lanes, if they finished more quickly the government paid them a bonus?
  18. You are making the bold assumption that government is sensible. Temporary speed limits are not the same as the M25. My bus traverses the road works at the Forth Road Bridge every morning and evening and even when workers are not present I would suggest that the 30 liit they use is sensible, the lanes are narrow, they change as work progresses and most people keep reasonably to them even though there are no cameras.

    I do agree however than many road works sights could have a higher limit when workers are not present but at present the law does not allow this, and although TB has been asked to change it he can't be bothered.
  19. I`ve just been done for jumping a red light…1.3 seconds…FFS… nevermind it was on a roundabout and I had white van man up my arrse and a load of stuff in the back which if I made an emergency stop I would have been wearing as a necklace…1.3 seconds FFS… that’s a blink that is …fcukin Nazis.

    That’s better.

  20. Peter

    So how do they have enforcable varible speed limits on the Western Side of the M25 that can change minute to minute if the law does not allow this?


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