Carry this story on else I tell yer mum!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by fly_past, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. ok i write a bit of a story.....someone else carry on where i leave off and so on.....we used to play this at school and it was funny, but now I'm all grown up.....

    Tom, Dick and Harry were all really good friends. They all loved sailing, and every night after school they met at the local pond and tried to out do each other on the water.
    Last Tuesday, Harry was on his way to the pond as per usual, when all of a sudden...............................
  2. A blooming great pudding came hurtling out of the sky..............
  3. It missed my Ma, but hit my Pa.....
  4. Tom, being a greedy bugger, grabbed the puddin' and yaffled it, but Dick..
  5. had spied Debs the village bike getting her kit off for a dip "fuck the pudding ya greedy barsteward,I'm going for a bit of pie" he cried out, then....
  6. .. getting his kit off too, he then screamed in agony as the one of the village ducks went for the worm ...
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Well done lads, 5 posts before sex reared its head
  8. said the duck
  9. with Dick now out of action, this left Harry and Debs to
  10. join the local girls choir
  11. So Debbs made her move & moved her hand over to
  12. grab the car keys from Harrys pocket
  13. but changed her mind, and she did a bit of grissle grabbing instead ..
  14. which suddenly came off in her hand,oops she said......
  15. I'm sooooooo sorry harry , what can I do for you ,
  16. Harrys expression changed from a grimace to a grin as he leaned closer to her and..................
  17. are you Bi? I've always wanted a fanny but don't tell anyone.
  18. can you help me find my glass eye.F---k me its Sunday and the bastards have changed the clocks I'll be late for church.He said wiff his wig hanging over one eye and the false teeth in a jam jar under the bed.
  19. I think it landed in your lap, and you are sat on it ...
  20. ta, thank god for that the 3rd eye at last

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