Carry this story on else I tell yer mum!

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Lantern Swinger
ok i write a bit of a story.....someone else carry on where i leave off and so on.....we used to play this at school and it was funny, but now I'm all grown up.....

Tom, Dick and Harry were all really good friends. They all loved sailing, and every night after school they met at the local pond and tried to out do each other on the water.
Last Tuesday, Harry was on his way to the pond as per usual, when all of a sudden...............................


Lantern Swinger
had spied Debs the village bike getting her kit off for a dip "fuck the pudding ya greedy barsteward,I'm going for a bit of pie" he cried out, then....
can you help me find my glass eye.F---k me its Sunday and the bastards have changed the clocks I'll be late for church.He said wiff his wig hanging over one eye and the false teeth in a jam jar under the bed.

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