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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Dec 19, 2008.

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  1. Invincible class carrier visits LIVERPOOL 15 to19th January
    NEWCASTLE 29 to 2nd February :thumright:
  2. Officer of the watch finds ship on bricks next day!!!
  3. :thanks: Happy Christmas from all the Scallys :thumright:
  4. Its HMS Ark Royal that's coming to Liverpool, as some of Leeds Sea Cadets will be sailing on her from Pompey to Liverpool.
  5. Bloody Hell, you wouldn't drive a ferarri around liverpool, take Lusty instead! Around Goodison would be fine, better class of scally.
  6. I drive my Ferarri round Liverpool on a regular basis when I am visiting the mainland. No problem at all!
  7. I can't believe the HMS Victory Guard Ship is throwing out abuse to Lusty! :thumright:
  8. Thanks for posting, will be paying a visit to that :)
  9. HMS Ark Royal at the Pool??? any info regards. Time alongside and Ship open to visitors :thumright: :thumright:
  10. ..

    'cause we havent the man...(oops, personal), power anymore??
  11. We are berthing on the Cruise Liner berth opposite the Liver Building. SOTV Friday and Saturday from 0930 (I stand by to be corrected on the timings), and if the new SOTV ladders actually work this time and aren't a H&S nighmare then you may actually get up on the flight deck (I will believe that one when I see it!)
    We had a great time in Liverpool last summer so the ship is really looking forward to getting back up there.
    Likewise for our trip to Newcastle a couple of weeks later! :thumright:
  12. Woops. I thought the article said "Jan 5th".
  13. Is it Ark Royal coming to Newcastle at the end on January as well?
  14. 29th JAN to 2nd FEB :thumright: :thumright: I stand corrected
  15. oops Tim but Dim :thumright:
  16. :thumright: what day/ time do you enter the Mersey Estuary?? and berth??? :thanks: :thumright:any info!!!!
  17. here it is :thumright: :thumright: HMS Ark Royal Liverpool visit this week
    The Royal Navy carrier HMS Ark Royal will be visiting Liverpool this Thursday 15th at around midday, she will be at the pierhead for 4 days and open to the public on the friday and the saturday. She will be sailing on Monday 19th. (this is all subjct to last minute changes by the RN and i am not responsible for any misinformation, the above was off the mersey pilots on the radio merseyside saturday morning show). :whew: :thumright:
  18. Alongside Noon Tomorrow :roll: :roll: :D :D
  19. And the girls of the pool brace for 900 pilots and two dolphin trainers.....
  20. Alder Hey predicts jump in birthrate in do they know these things?

    Ships liason officer, please contact the following sponsors for T-Shirts and gizzits...., Solpadeine Max, Knotty Ash taxis, New Roz Kebab house.

    The Derby is on the 19th, hopefully you wont be at prod Alpha during the game :D

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