Carrier (USS Nimitz) National Geographic

Season 1 / 10 Episodes

New series following the day-to-day life on American aircraft carrier the USS Nimitz as it travels to the Gulf. From the admiral to the youngest sailors, officers share their thoughts and experiences.

National Geographic 7:00pm-8:00pm (1 hour ) Mon 12 Jan
Just watched it. Anyone else?
I caught most of it. I thought it was quite good. The baby chef nazi was a prize plonker though!

"It's like a massive floating high-school".

I've Sky+'ed it for tomorrow.
I remember when we were just going around Sarfsea past the forts, when the Occifer o the watch piped.

If you look just to stbd, you will see the USS Nimitz. It was freaking miles away and we looked up at it!
It was ok to watch. It seems to be showing people giving thier honest opinions about life on board. Unlike Ch 5's Warship which felt somewhat edited and glossy at times.
One thing it definately proves is exactly how much more money the yanks have to dispose on the Navy compared to us. Computers that scan a new recruits feet and diagnose tailored running shoes for them. o_O No Hi-Tec Silver Shadows for the USN I see.
On cable here, we have "The military channel". Its actually very very good.

One off.......Tanks, planes, bombers, subs etc etc.
Life on a carrier, building a carrier. The USS G H W Bush was commisioned just the other day, the last of the Nimitz class.

In general its very good
I went on the uss Nimitz must be about 20yrs back now. She was docked in majorca. well a mile out as she couldn't get closer.
All i remember was she was Feckin huge and my dad asked one of the crew what she was powered by, his reply?
" I'm sorry sir, I'm not a liberty to tell you that, but we only dock for fuel every 20 years"
We cross polled with her in 82, a few lads went over, and were blown away by how massive she was, that and the amount of armed sheriffs they carried to patrol the passageways...had a MacDonalds and ATM machines all over the place and the messes were a bit segregated, little barrios and ghettos, remember this was 82 and the USN was having a real hard time with their drug problems and race riots on their ships.(what you get for sailing dry..) Their guys only wanted to drink our beer, didn't want funny as hell watching a Yank get pissed on 2 cans of Keith's... :hockey:

Went through something like 55 tons of potatoes a day....lots of French Fries or as they say now Freedom Fries...:DDDDD

I thought it was pretty spectacular to see her towing a target and her Tomcats doing live bombing runs about a mile astern of her...that's impressive... :dwarf:

That was quite the exercise, we saw the USS Missouri fire a broadside and a low flying B52 right overhead, and pull up astern of us,,wish I had pics

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