Carrier that never was 1962 Queen Elizabeth Class


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A fascinating read.

As a coda to this, Centaur was scheduled to pay off for full due in 1962 or 3 and was on her way home, chucking all manner of things into the Bay of Biscay as she steamed along, only for a further commission to be scheduled at the very last minute. I think a little re-stocking may have been required.
Similar thing with Bulwark Seaweed. We were coming back from the Windies in 1976 and, as we were de-commissioning on return, all the old damage control cables were ditched over the side. Us greenies spent about 2 days emptying storerooms and chucking them over the side. When she was brought out again, funny old thing, no cables and as she was an old DC ship they couldn't use modern cables. I've often wondered how much all that copper would be worth these days.
CVA-01 and all that eh scouse ? That bloody spitting and dribbling git Roy Jenkins and the loss of what would have been one of finest aircraft to fly, the TSR2, also his doing. Socialists had a field day then.

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