Carrier Queens, how pathetic

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by YouAreHavingALaugh, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. At every "Football" game here, there is always a fly by by some form of military aircraft...............

    This is just another reason why we are glad we left...
  2. Ahhhhh, didums, they poorly worly carrier queens have been away a whole 7 weeks and cannot have a fly-past. I hope there were not too many dry eyes on the jetty when they were finally reunited with their loved ones. ;-)

    FFS, what is this Navy coming to.
  3. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I think the Navy is coming to the point where it's so financially hamstrung that it no longer feels it can even show off to the general public anymore. Demonstrating our military might used to be something people expected to see, now they fear that some bean counter might misinterpret what is potentially an inspirational recruitment opportunity and an opportunity for joe public to actually see where their money is going, and that it could be considered as a waste. Carriers were always celebrated coming into Pompi, it's about PR and widening the image of the service, I appreciate Frigates, Destroyers and all the other little tugs get ignored but joe public isn't interested, they're in and out everyday, surely it's a good thing to grab their attention every so often.

    Oh well, perhaps the realisation that the whole world can't be "protected" by our cousins might shake a few wallets in London.
  4. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Not quite the point, if Clinky wanted a flypast (which is prettty much derigeour) then fine he is the Capt after all.

    If his brother should fly, so what, all credit to the pair of them for their achievements (can't believe Sir I have said that No2 Geek) in the military.

    It just shows how weak we really are
  5. If It`s anything like Warship, it begs the question, ` What fukcing Aircraft do they have to do a Fly Past with?
  6. And when did it become a Commando Carrier?

    As the UK’s high readiness commando helicopter carrier, ready to deploy on operations to anywhere in the world, Ark’s role was to embark US Marines, both troops and their helicopters - plus US Navy helicopters - as part of a marine expeditionary task force.
  7. Hello Hig.
  8. If their lordships are bothered about bad PR, then why don't they grass up crabair who send a yellow seaking from RAF Boulmer to deliver a match ball every year at a Carlisle Game.
  9. Am I bovvered!!!!!!!!! They have been away for 6 bloody weeks. What a time to be away. they left when the season finished and arrrive just in time for kick off. Bet they aint been bored over weekends. Just another gripe by carrier queens. Tell you what have a gong for your time away!
  10. Away a whole 6 weeks! Oh the horror!

    I can remember my old man being away for 27 months on Victorious…
  11. I think lots of you have either mis-read the article, or just not really bothered.

    The time away is not the issue, and no-one is boo-hooing about 6 weeks in the States. It is that the fleet flagship doesn't come in or out of harbour very often and they are drawing attention to the fact that the Navy is still around and doing a job for the country.

    If you re-read the article, you may realise that the true drama-queens here are not on the Arkl Sparkle.
  12. You got to ask yourselves, would those delightful people of Portsmouth, give two figs about the comings and goings of the RN.
  13. I remember a few Turktown girls who wouldn't give any figs for the Navy's goings; but!
  14. Last refit from memory. Can't remember the last time she had Harriers on board... =(
  15. So Strike Carrier no more? :thumright:
  16. A whole six weeks! What was the bloody point of leaving the wall?
    It keeps the harbour tugs busy I 'spose!
  17. 7 Weeks lol pfft spent long time in my bath tub lol
  18. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Ah, but it was important. They undertook a JTFX - integrated with US Marines and a US Battlegroup and proved that capability. Thats a big tick in ensuring she is ready.

    Just because she hasn't got a TAG onboard doesn't mean she's useless.
    Next she does the rest of her programme to prove other capability elements and then goes on TAURUS (maybe).

    I don't think they were celebrating 6 weeks away. Indeed I can almost be 100% certain of that, it was just a way of welcoming the ship and her crew home.
  19. Sounds like your are a carrier queen

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