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Carrier: Life aboard USS Nimitz


War Hero
Interesting documentary from US public TV. Gulf deployment with USS Nimitz, follows them on deck ops, runs ashore, night traps in heavy seas off Aus, men under puns, promotions, discharges, crossing the line, boredom, sinking dhows, man overboard. All the same stuff you'll recognise as a matelot, and if you've ever operated with a US CBG.


Full episodes here

Also on youtube if you have issues getting to that site

Also on DVD for $40 if you cant view (proxy server) or have slow net.


War Hero

I have watched this prog (living in US makes it easier), bloody hell what a bunch of whinging gits Yank sailors are.

The AirOps stuff is interesting, but the normal everyday life makes em look like a right bunch of hat racks, one example is a Marine Sargent who Salsa Dances in the hanger!???????

What the hell happened to real matelots????????? Salsa Dance, I can just about do the Jack 2 step, nowonder the bloody towel heads aren't scared anymore. :censored:


War Hero
Did you see the salsa dancer doing unarmed combat training the night before....he wrestles like a maniac. Apparently his parents abandoned him at a carnival where they worked (they were "carneys"), no wonder he's got snags.

Still, beats the guy who was a sexual assault victims advocate, gets the best sailor in the fleet group award, goes ashore in HK, bangs a yank wren, who blubs and drops him in the shit then wants a medal for owning up that it was consensual but she was so pissed she didn't know...... :dwarf: And our lot think they have it bad with wrens at sea.


War Hero

I can only take small doses of this one, have to record it and watch each episode in half hour increments. Nothing like Sailor and the old Ark, back when matelots were feared :)

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