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I can see why squadron bods get a bad rep on board sometimes, but the ship's company guys (AED Included) can be pretty F***in' unhelpful too.

Any squadron lads heard these ramblings before?

- Can't have your stores to fix your aircraft, go back up 4 decks and get this pathetic piece of paper signed by a grown-up.
- I'm on watch for the next 4 hours, not like you guys on 'til 4 in the morning, so i'm going in first for scran.
- Primary role of the ship? No, sorry you can't put your aircraft in this space, I'm running circuit training
-What, us put a new tyre on that wheel/ fix your pinkie/ greenie kit? our lads don't know how to do Merlin stuff, your lads had better do it themselves.
- D'ya hear there? Sunday at sea routine for all ship's company who can be spared, full ship's Flypro to continue, Crack on Wu's (Cheers Boss).
- You want to borrow OUR screwdrivers to replace the fittings that WE stole from YOUR mess whilst you were disembarked?

Whether you are prepared to admit it or not, we on all squadrons work as hard as anybody else on or off-ship. And just to clarify a point or two for some of the skimmers:

1) Broken Aircraft do not fix themselves any more than broken ships do.

2) When not on board, we are not on leave, but doing all the deep maintenance that can't be done on a rolling pig of a pusser's war canoe

P.S why do fish-heads cry when the ship goes into defence watches for a couple of days? We do 8's for all the time at sea, no problem.

Like the Murphy's, I'm not Bitter.......
FlagWagger said:
Chewy said:
I never realised that it was that bad between the 'fisheads' and the 'wafu's'.
After reading through this thread however I see there is a bit of banter between you all, although all fun by the look of it?????
I'll get used to it I suppose in Jan, when I Join as an AET, so anyone want to give me a good ripping now to get it out the way be my guest! :wink:

I'm sure that there's a psychologist's PhD buried within the banter of the wider military community - all it needs is some academic brave enough to do the digging and broad-minded enough to observe the military for a sufficently long period to collect substantive data! :)

From my experience the military structure provides a target-rich environment for banter; at the finest level of detail it will take place within a branch or specialisation (Buntings vs the pipe-and-slippers-brigade for example), but were a non-comms type to have a dig at any communicator then a united front would be shown. This will continue through to higher levels of distinction within the Naval service, e.g. WAFU, sun-dodger, Skimmer, Booty, etc but again a united front would be shown against, say, the pongoes or crabs.

True enough FlagWagger (and I've done my fair share during nearly 50 years both serving in the RN and in MoD(N) of taking the mickey!) The problem now is some serious high level espionage from the RAF (who are trying to regain lost ground), the Army who see Commando aviation as their sole preserve (airborne three ton trucks and tank busting) against the Navy who they both regard as simply a method of getting them to the scene of action - and, when there, the RAF bang out leaving it to the Navy to do the aviation business and the Army to take the flak. Rumour has it that the Chief of the Air Staff has effectively declared war on the Fleet Air Arm - sad to say, he's apparently winning!

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