Carrick Gazette: "Questions on Submarine Safety"


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Toilet paper "At some submarine berths, weather information is outdated, maps are inadequate and there haven't been emergency exercises for years.
There are designated berths for the UK's Trident and other nuclear-powered submarines at Faslane naval base on Gareloch and at the Coulport Nuclear weapons depot on Loch Long".

Thanks for the link soleil. BB should always be watching in these matters.
...An independent engineer who obtained the report and advises governments on the safety of nuclear submarines feels "these nuclear berths should not be permitted to operate under any circumstance."
This can only be John Large, a complete numpty who conned the Gibraltarian Govt into allowing him to act as their advisor over the Tireless repair. His only area of knowledge is Health Physics, as he was at one point a monitor.

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