Carrera vs Giant Bikes

Anyone had any experience of the Halford's Carrera brand bikes?

I'm looking to get a hardtail MTB ideally for less than £500. I've seen a couple online but not managed to find many with hydraulic disc brakes and lockable forks for that much, however halfords did have one in the form of a Carrera Kraken (womens version) . The other is saw for a knock down price was from Giant, £350ish for the "Terrango" hydraulic brakes and good spec.. Any opinions gratefully received!

Mate, i do quite alot of this and now and again do a few races. I recently helped a lad out in work who was in your same situation. You will be hard pushed to get a bike on a budget with hydraulics. You may get one of the cheaper bikes with a lesser known brand of brakes on them, but i doubt they will offer the same amount of power or be able to get spare parts. Your best bet is to go for last year models or the year before, as the differnce in them is next to nothing and still just as good.
thanks for the link, seems like they have a massive range there..

forgot to mention i'm after a womens frame, cus i'm a short -ars* !
I take my girlfriend with me to do the Marin trail in wales, she hates the girls bike, she prefers the mens, you tend to find alot of women like the mens.

The bike you pointed out is ok. It all depends on the type of biking you are going to do. If its just steady off road most bikes will cope, but as i said i do the Marin trail in Wales and that does tend to push the bikes and wear the pads out pretty quick.
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