Anyone any good with a chisel? I'm in the process of building a swing/slide/jungle gym style thing for me nephews first birthday and wondered if there is any experienced chippies about that would allow me to bend their ear about a few things!?
Basically not sure what's going to be the best joints to use for the main frame of the swing which is going to be triangular. Was thinking of using mortise and tenon joints but not sure if it's the best idea with them being at an angle. Will there be any strain on the joints with them being at an angle?

The main frame for the slide is going to have a big square platform. With it being right angles I'm going to use mortise and tenon joints alongside lap joints and am happy enough knowing that it will be strong enough.
Oh aye, gonna give it all a good sanding. Got until August to get it built like so will have plenty of time to make it child friendy with rounded edges and corners and the such.
Heh, cheers fellas. I did think when Soliel said special surface if she meant bear pits with sharpened bamboo.

As for that swing, would go well next to the big cross and special chair in my.......*ahem* study

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