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Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by wavydavynavy, Apr 20, 2008.

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  1. I have just returned from one weeks carp fishing in france with the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Angling Association Carp Section.

    Had a cracking week with 9 other service people and some cracking fish were caught, including a 45 and 42'lber!!!

    It only costs £10 to join the RN&RMAA and you get an absolutely great package with organisied competitions and socials throughout the year on waters all over the country. You can also receive discount from a number of local and national stores.

    If you are into your carp fishing you wanna have a look at the forum from the link below and join us. You can't lose! Its the best thing i ever did in my naval career!!!


    Davy Crockett
  2. is there a fly fishing mob?
  3. Yes there is mate.

    What we need is ppl to sign up for this. Its a great website.

    Davy Crockett
    792 SQD
    RNAS Culdrose
  4. Wavy,
    I am a member of the RNRMAA but did not know about this trip. Do you have any other info about upcomming carp events? PS I am novice standard.
  5. Its been advertised mate. All you gotta do is get on the forum, have a look about and see whats happening. We got socials and comps coming up. The next one is the first weekend in May, at Velocity in somerset.

    I'm not sure if its full, but if you get in touch with either Si Gay or pm myself soon as, we can sort something out. The thread is below for the match. Should be a good'un.
  6. Where in france did you go?
  7. Many thanks Wavy
  8. We went to Eden's Lakes. Ten guys went. We had 2 lakes full.

    It was a great week and we've already started planning next years lol!!! So any ideas are more than welcome.

    Have you logged onto the RN&RMAA website? If not, get registered and get into the carp section forum. Loads od advice and dates/venues for upcoming competitions and social weekends. All at a discounted price. Check it out!
  9. I used to go sea fishing often until the day it was Huey all round for eight hours and the gang said no more. I bought a fly rod that has been up in the loft forever. Would love to master the art of fly fishing. Is it all down South or do you have meetings up North and in the Emerald Isle
  10. Lot of fluff chucking going on up in Scotland by the RN team. A mate is on the team so I will try and get more info.
  11. Carp fishing is just expensive waterside camping, you can catch carp on the fly, much more entertaining LOL
  12. signed up for the rnrmetc etc but don't seem to get further than oking my account and getting a password. next bit won't open

    Giz a clue
  13. It should be working ok. There is the bit which is only available to members of the carp section. I'll speak to one of the moderators at work tomorrow. The website is in the process of being updated at the moment. The new version should be online sometime in may.
  14. Until you're a fully paid up member you only get guest access on the forum.
    Once you've paid your tenner, we'll be able to see who you are and you'll be added to the relevant group(s).
    You'll also get a membership card to get a bit of discount here and there.
  15. BoxKicker and Gimp, have just checked on the forum and your logins are both now activated. You should get a confirmation email with a temp password i think. As Top blanker said you get guest status as non members but as guests you can still access the majority of the boards and web site.

    Have a good look round, would appreciate any feedback as well. Its all still fairly new so always looking to improve!!
  16. DR, thanks for the login help. The RNRMAA site is good lots of info as the site is to be updated on 1st May it can only get better. Abrowse function with the avatars would be good as i could not use my own picture, but I was probably being very technophobeic. Thanks again for your help.

    FISHING : "A worm at one end and an fool at the other"
  17. You should be able to set up your own avatar from your profile settings.

    Unfortunately if you are using an IGS(EGS!) account it now blocks most of the picture hosting sites hence the blank squares where pictures should be. Try it at home and you should have more joy.

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