Carlisle 14th June 2007

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by chockhead819, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. chockhead819

    chockhead819 War Hero

    Edited by the_matelot: I'm making this an announcement and leaving it in the Fleet.

    I have just organised a Remembrance Ceremony for those who lost their lives in 1982. If any Falklands vet wishes to joing us then please let me know just PM me.

    Thursday 14th

    muster 1030 for 1045

    Fall in - Standards & Vets

    Last Post / Revielle

    2 mins silence

    Laying of wreath by civic dignataries, hopefully CO of RAF Spadeadam, CO Duke of Lancasters Regiment & RN Rep (whoever I can get )
    Piper will be playing Lament Highland Cathedral

    Vicar will speak hopefully will read the Falklands Hymn as a poem, Kohima etc

    Fallout & retire to Crown & Mitre for tea/biccies.

    Depending on numbers, we will muster at the War Memorial but if there are a lot we will march from outside the Cathedral.
  2. Stripey_G

    Stripey_G New member

    Thanks for that chockhead and I hope all goes well for you. I'm going to an organised ceremony already but nice to know that there will be others about (of course).
  3. Darkershadeofblu

    Darkershadeofblu New member

    Well done Chockhead; hope everything goes well on the day
  4. Jedi_Master

    Jedi_Master New member

    Chockhead have you tried the AFCO in Carlisle? THe lads in there may be interested...

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