Careful what you eat


Maybe due to his hallucinations and unbeknown to him at the time after this ingestion of shrooms, his self-polishing became a little too vigorous.


War Hero
That would look good on the death certificate.....cause of death.... excessive masturbation.... always thought he was a wanker.


Maybe the plastic surgeons could transplant the appendage (or what's left of it) on the middle of his forehead.


It seems to have worked for you.
I noted that you were loitering around earlier and there you are right on cue, just as I anticipated. I will send you one of my Werther Original cyber sweeties for not disappointing me. Ha ha He he. :)

This has made me feel good, as it was a similar experience to that satisfied feeling that you get when you give your dog a bone to chew on. All in all an excellent start to the week.
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