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Hey Everyone,

So I've decided that air travel isn't going to hold me back (refer to previous post ;-)) and have called the Careers Office, I'm booked in for a careers presentation on the 19th of may in luton, my questions are, what is that going to comprise of? what comes after that? and if anyone else on here is going to be there then?

thanks in advance guys

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Simple, you wait until everyone expected has turned up at AFCO...... then you get given a form to complete (just a request for info, not a formal application) then you are sat in a room as a group to watch a 20min or so film bout the careers/life in the navy etc. Then you can ask questions etc or just do what i did and get the forms to apply, wander round to a pub, and sit filling them out in the beer garden before returning them ;)

Was an enjoyable experience lol
I never bothered with one of these initial presentations...I went in, spoke to a careers advisor, went outside rounf the corner to a pub (great minds, scouse!) and then returned them the same day. Hopefully the whole process from initially going in to the office and passing my interview which is the only step left of the formal recruiting process (apart from getting that elusive entry date letter!) I have left it will have taken me 4 and a half months...then I just have 17 of a 20month wait left!


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whatever you go for dont get too disellusioned by the long long long wait. I didnt go for a presentation just walked into the very office your going to, Luton, filled out some forms a month or so later i was booked in for an RT test, month or so after that was medical, month or so was PJFT then a couple a weeks was my interview, now im waiting NA (AH) was a 24month wait back in sept but when i went for interview in Feb 2010 was 24months from that point, (least that was what i was told). Good luck, get your training started, you wont be dissapointed with the end result, least i hope im not anyway.
I've got my ICP this coming Tuesday. My question is concerning what to wear? I asked the friendly chap on the phone and he said wear smart casual. I want to create a good first impression so was thinking of wearing my polished black work boots, black smart trousers and a tucked in smart shirt. Is that the right kind of thing to wear? Or will they look at my polished boots and think I'm a bit of a twat?

Also; how much am I expected to know for the chat with the advisor. I've been trawling the website and here anyway but just wondered.

I just wanted to check I'm thinking along the right lines. At work I tuck my shirt in, but I've been taken the piss out of for it before. I know of lots of people who turn up to interviews not tucked in..
Had a great couple of hours at the ICP, I was mistaken for a prospective officer.. I think my outfit created the right impression :) Next step, send in the form and prepare for the Recruit Test :thumbup:
Are you sure it was the outfit?
Tbh every time I've spoken to a careers person they've assumed I wanted to be an officer.. A ploy? Or a compliment? I'm too old for engineering officer anyway now :( that's the first time that's happened, better get used to it I suppose!

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Yeah, we do that sometimes.

I joined up thinking I was very special until the Gunnery Instructor on the parade ground called us a bunch of useless Stokers. It was the first time I'd heard the term.

I remember thinking: "Stokers? STOKERs? Isn't that some sort of menial job that poor people do?"

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