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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Skinners, Dec 28, 2008.

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  1. I'm going to sign up for the RN tomorrow and i know that what the site says the certain role/career does is most probably not going to be correct and i was wondering if someone could break down what is actually done in each role on base and at sea.

  2. You are "going to sign up for the RN tomorrow" yet you have no idea what branch you wish to join?

    Send HigthePig a PM, you're just the sort of person he likes to help.

    Edited to add "Oh FFS WHY can't you people go into the AFCO and ask or even pick up some booklets and make your own minds up" :roll:
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Welcome to an unofficial site.

    If you don't believe the official site, then you will have heaps of fun on here!

    Many AFCOs are closed until 05 jan so a phonecall may be prudent. (If you believe me)
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Then again we must be due a visitation from a Credders/Norm/Nails clone.
  5. I apologize if i have offended you

    I'd much prefer to hear it straight without the propaganda from the official site, also the official site doesn't clearly explain each role it gives a short clip of someone saying i enjoy being this and that however it doesn't actually explain what the job is and does when at base or when at sea.

    When i originaly thought about the navy i was thinking about being a sparky but then i read this.

    And i don't want to be a submariner i'd much prefer to be on a ship. to be honest i should have probably explained this a little better and clearly wasn't using my brain when i originaly posted. for that i apologize.
  6. That post shows that if you care to look around the site, all the information that you want is already there.
  7. Is there any jobs in the navy were you are doing something 99% of the time or are there none like that?

    because i get bored very easily when i don't have anything to do and would like to be doing something the majority of the time. I currently work at a till in one stop which is one of the main reasons i want to join the navy so i can be doing something more than just standing there all day.
  8. but surely the till at one stop gives you something to be doing 99% of the time? Havent you already found your ideal job :eek:
  9. post of the day :w00t:
  10. Out of interest have you ever worked in a till at a corner shop?
  11. ...have worked at a till but never in one.
  12. Hmmmm shame i'll tell you about the hardships of it then...

    1st of all it's veeeeery cramped and uncomfortable..... and boring... very boring.
  13. Regulating can be 99% :pig:
  14. i'm honestly going to cry....
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The truth is all jobs have menial aspects and repetitive elements- Why even the plethora of Admirals have to make their own cup of tea on occasion.

    Sadly we do not parachute teams of cleaners to clean-up after everyone & the menial tasks are part & parcel of the job, as with any job, be under no illusion. Needless to say the official website doesn't promote the menial aspects anymore than the ambulance service advertises the fact that you have to scrape-up squashed dead people as well as save lives.

    The simple underlying fact that many individuals fail to understand is that the Armed Forces is a job, not a charity set-up to keep them entertained or out of trouble. There will be entertaining aspects, but the taxpayer holds you to account and expects you to work as well.

    The official source of correct information is the RN website, however you will hopefully find the personal opinions of many on this site- whether they are truly representative, up to date or accurate is another matter.
  16. Duh, why (if you've no idea what roles the various branches do) have you already decided that you don't want to be a submariner? :crazy:
  17. Come on now Stirling, you know that you can't join up as a regulator, you have to FAIL at source branch before they'll take you :D
  18. Scabz my dad was a submariner which is the reason i don't want to become one so it's basically the only thing i know anything about.

    I want to join the navy for several reasons not to be stuck behind a till/desk and to see something more than other people do.
  19. If you want to get an exciting job join the RM, but even they have to put up with humdrum crap. But when they work it's 100%.

    PS new avatar
  20. Thank you. I'm not trying to dodge cleaning and menial tasks what i'm saying is i'd prefer to be doing these in my spare time due to i get bored easily i'm not the kind of person who can just sit there without doing anything it makes me feel unfortable

    I've also been looking through the careers all day to the point were i could probably quote each of them word for word and i think i've decided on Engineering technician (marine engineer) but i'll ask about it tomorrow.

    But until then is anyone here a or was a engineering technician (marine engineer)?? and can give me a quick brief on exactly what they do? from what i've gathered the role would be a navy handy-man or maintenance as such or have i got it wrong any and all replys will be appriecated.

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