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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by eddietheboyp, May 11, 2010.

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  1. I'm still considering different branches in the Navy such as Warfare Specialist, Seaman Specialist and (if anyone has seen me on here before will know) Mine Clearance Diver.

    I have so far passed RT, PJFT, Interview, Medical, (well everything except PEDA for Diver). Now I have been told I could be in for a LONG wait for MCD and it is worth considering other branches. so says AFCO

    Could anyone tell me about career prospects after the Navy in branches such as Warfare Specialist and Seaman Specialist. Are these good branches to join? I have a fairly good education (Degree but not enough UCAS points for Officer entry, besides would rather join as rating anyway and work my way up)

    I'm quite an active person, diving, climbing, sailing etc and concerned WS is pretty much sat in front of a screen all day? Is this right? Would seaman specialist mean just painting/carrying out remedial work? Is there good prospects for promotion and further training?

    Thanks for info everyone,

    ps enjoy a joke an all that, but trying to get some genuine advice not just comments like "haha seaman specialist that sounds gay!"
  2. Im waiting to be a MCD, i have my PEDA in October and to be honest i started the process last year, and cause i am a re-join the process took a little longer, but the whole process of waiting is moving pretty quick for me. I have started the training, i am in the process of buying a house. The key thing is while you are waiting is find sommething else to take up your time. If you want to be a diver then wait it out, just take the time to train your ass of and it will soon come creeping round.
  3. Not sure where this puts you, degree in what exactly? If its anything remotely technical consider engineering trades like WE/ME/AE, if you qualify for upper stream (closest to old Tiffs branch) then you get ONC/HNC (warning; subject to change) in your respective trade of mechanical or electrical engineering but this may not help if you already have a 2:2 or below in Chem eng or Mech Eng or something. If you are anywhere near IT you might be more interested in Comms Tech, a lot like a Tiff but more IS/IT work.

    Quite frankly if you have a sparking brain cell I suspect you would be bored shitless as a dabber (seaman spec) or warfare RP (plotter) or TAS ape (sonar bender), unless you like driving RIBs now and then with masses of chipping/painting, hence the name "Dabber" or he who walks round with pot of phos.

    Transferrable skills? Well of course there are plenty but don't expect anything you do in service to make you directly employable outside. If you go CD you will need civvy quals and experience, if you are a woo, you will need to do civvy licences to work on AC outside. If you do ME/WE you will be well qualified at Vospers or as a dockie but those jobs seem to all have gone to frogland (GE Alsthom). Comms Tech, likely you will need a cisco or MCSE or whatever is the new vogue in 5 yrs time, things move so fast in electronics you just have to keep learning.

    As ever, Careers advice offered by chancers like me is usually bollocks/out of date, and you're better off calling the AFCO for the gen dit, or if its too embarrassing ask Ninja Stoker or Supermario here they are both in the careers bit and have access to all the latest bumf.
  4. Thanks for comments, much appreciated. My degree wasn't that technical, Outdoor Education. Wish they ran taster days, it can be quite hard trying to make a career decsision from an A4 PDF file about the role on Royal Navy website and asking a few questions on the forums.

    I like the idea of working at sea, playing an active role and carrying out variety of tasks which is why Seaman Specialist springs to mind. Although used to be in army cadets!

    Obviously love diving and want to do that really but since I'm 24 and I've ben told it could be as long as Jan 2012 until PEDA I am keen to consider all options.
  5. Whats the attraction to work with mines or bombs?
  6. If you're diving it's not easy to see if you've pissed yourself.
  7. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    I don't know what Comms Tech branch you're on about but it certainly isn't the one I am in-I fear that you have misinterpreted what CT's actually do....
  8. Man up and join the corps???

    They don't call Sea spec "rope monkeys" for any old reason after all
  9. "Man up and join the corps???"

    It's also an option!
  10. Stop spouting on Rumration and get on with it then.
  11. Hehe, the smokescreen is working, Now no one has a clue what the branch does lol
  12. They're the ones everyone in envious of when they sit outside in the nice hot sun all day leisurely rubbing down and painting (when it's required)

    Afterwards, depends if you were stupid enough to leave early before you qualified for a full pension. If you have that then you can do something that you like and not have to worry about how much you get paid.
  13. Fixes radios? Nope......
  14. Nope

    I could tell you but then I would have to shred you, or have you followed for the rest of your life by men wearing dark glasses
  15. You forgot to highlight this bit.....

  16. Don't civvy offices employ people from Remploy to do shredding....? All the balloons you can hold and ice cream/windows to lick...
  17. Here's a thought, maybe I have mangled the old jobs of RO(G) and RO(T) into CT, and CIS from CY or something, but if you have your mug next to an Aldis lamp on the RN website then you are still basically a tosser.....(bunting) Seeing as the lad likes the outdoors maybe its not for him, perhaps we can suggest some other branches that might help him more than me thread crayoning??

    PS, Three squirrels on the lawn today. Got 2, maimed the third.....
  18. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    RO(G) as was is now CIS (not CT, they're a totally different bunch)
    RO(T) bridge/signal-deck work now done by Seaman Spec.
  19. Thats what I meant FW, I had them mangled arse about face. Odd that they should pick a guy sending on the lamp for the image accompanying the CT description, maybe they couldn't find any of the buggers working to take a pic of.

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