Career Transition


Interested in some thoughts on Career Transition
1. is enought time given to prepare for resettlement/career transition
2. is the £534 resettlement allowance anough to book courses needed
3. If you attend a carrer transition workshop it opens access to righ job and linkedin groups but these are blocked by DII and cant be accessed when deployed is there any advantage to an early workshop
4. At what point prior to leaving is it safe to book courses without having them cancelled for service reasons
5. At what point can an employer reasonably look at employability ie 2 months or final month


War Hero
You don't state your rate/rank, branch or background or how long until your terminal date, which may help with replies.

It is never too early to start thinking about things, though obviously if you are two years away, then actively seeking a job is a bit daft!!

I was sent to sea for my last 18 months but promised all courses etc would be available and given to me when I was later free to attend. Guess what? Nada! So be prepared to be upset.

I would say you are 100% eligible to take up a new job the day you commence terminal leave - that way there can be no disappointment on either side.

Plan for the worst, hope for the best! Good luck!


Lantern Swinger
1. With 5 years notice and plenty of graduated resettlement time in there for paperwork and planning, worked OK, but start early
2. Resettlement allowance is enough to book some courses, you might want/need more. You can fund them yourself.
3. Advantage of an early CTW is that it starts getting you into the right frame of mind to make the move outside.
4. Depends on your unit.
5. Start working on day 1 of terminal leave, if you want (or take terminal leave then unpaid time off and chill out).


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depends as said above, where you are in the process I started to look about 7-8 years in advance, looked at jobs saw what qualifications were asked for, most wanted degrees, I went and studied for one with the OU, mainly at RN expense, if you are literally weeks away, good luck.


Should realy have stated 2 reasons for asking. 1 For my own transition. 2. For a research project so i am interested in peoples experiences and thoughts on this good or bad as not evryone gets the same treatment or luck with drafts