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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by dapperdunn, Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. Has anyone had any dealing with the CTP as an employer?

    I'm trying to talk to them at the moment as I have 3 jobs that I'd like to appoint to by the end of August. I have been emailing them and trying to talk to the Derby rep for a fortnight now and it would be easier to try and have a beer with Lord Lucan!
  2. Not that it's any use but the Guzz CTP were tip top for me.
  3. DD

    CTP has a Head Office in London for which the number is 0207 469 6661. Is it worth giving them a call there?
  4. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    In answer to your first question yes, tedious springs to mind, moving on though.......

    Don't waste your time with the regional teams, go directly to the Central Employment Team:

    They will be able to give you access to the online system where you can post jobs (almost) directly with a login and username.
  5. Thanks for your answers. I've already been through the Head office and the got directed to the regional team.

    Eventually got somewhere. It took forever and was painful. Had the interviews last week for which I had 5 applicants and only 1 turned up. And he was a civve, not ex forces, which is what I was looking for. Who says there are no jobs out there?

    still looking for 2 ex Forces to fill 2 vacent posts
  6. Is it worth mentioning on Rear Party and e-Goat as well that you are looking for people?
  7. Have you tried the Regular forces employment agency?

    I found a job with their help and it was the best job I have ever had.

    Home - RFEA

    I don't think they charge for their services bau as a charity are always willing to accept donations
  8. Hi Slim.

    It would seem that the CTP is just a part of the RFEA. Thanks for your help anyway

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