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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by AntC, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. I'm aware I'm probably going to get well and truly shot-down by the AIB haters for this thread, but I HAVE looked on the forums for the information I'm looking for, and it's NOT in the big AIB tread.

    Here goes...

    One key piece of advice which crops up very frequently in the AIB thread is the fact that you are expected to know the training pipeline thoroughly and be prepared to answer the board expecting what your training process will be should u be succesful. I'm AIBing for the RNR, however I'm not 100% on the training pipeline. Could someone help me out here please?!

    From what I can gather skimming through other threads and picking bits from other conversations:

    (1) Join as an Officer cadet within a unit.
    (2) Attend a 2 week course at BRNC
    (3) Return as Midshipman or ASL
    (4) Complete YO training and fleetboard task book at unit
    (5) Complete Fleet Board
    (6) Select a branch
    (7) Complete branch training (This takes 12 - 18 months?)
    (8) Do an exercise in your chosen field
    (9) Complete a second exercise and gain your two years as a full SLt (not ASL).
    (10) Promoted to Lt and then on the trained strength and ready for mobilisation.

    Please could people point out any mistakes I've made, anything which is wrong (time-scales or order etc), anything I've missed out, or anything which is just blatantly non-true?

    Thanks very much in advance!

  2. I'm not 100% on the Officer structure, as I'm concentrating on my branch at the mo, but a bit of advice would be to talk to a few LTs in your unit, and choose a spec. (You don't need to actually go for the spec). Then get hold of the Training Matrix for that spec (I'd always reccommend Info Ops, as it's my source branch) and inwardly digest it, and at the AIB, when asked about Officer's carear structure, you can give that as a very well worked example!
    Good Luck

  3. That could be tricky, I'm not actually in a unit - I'm an URNU Mid.
  4. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Any idea which branch you were thinking about?
  5. Most likely Mine Warfare.
  6. Correct up to that point, which is when you are promoted to Sub-Lt.

    After that, you need 3 years seniority as an officer and 1 year's seniority as a confirmed SLt, plus completing branch training, in order to be promoted to Lt. Branch training obviously varies from branch to branch, but generally takes 18-30 months from Fleet Board.
  7. Thanks for that.

    Ok, so what determines whether you are a Mid or an ASL these days? I've heard contradictory guidelines, one based on age and the other based on degree qualifications. Is there a dfinite answer?

    And also, assuming you head through the pipeline as a Mid aw what point would you qualify for promotion to SLt? Am I also right in assuming that if two YOs join, one as a Mid and one as an ASL it will take longer for the Mid to be deployable (as it'll take longer for them to reach full Lt)?

    Thanks agin guys! I really want to make sure I've fully got this!
  8. Entry as an officer into the RNR is via acedemic quals. A levels enter as Mid, if holding a degree then entry as S/Lt. These are pay grades only. All new officers enter as an Officer Cadet until succesful completion of the RNR BRNC course, then ranks may be used. No officer is commisioned into the RNR until they have passed the Fleetboard. You have to do a minimum of 2 years post Fleetboard as an S/Lt. Those holding professional qualifications (MN / MO's / Nurses) the entry pay grade is slightly different.
  9. Forgot to add, you only do 2 years as Mid. Automatic promotion to S/Lt after 2 years as Mid. There will be no difference in time getting onto trained strength, whether you enter as Mid or Sub.
  10. Can't claim to be "definitive" but my memory of reading BR60/60A says it's just age. You're a midshipman under 20 (I think), a AS/Lt above it.

    However, it's only a paper exercise since whichever rank it says on the signing-in sheet, until you do BRNC you're in officer-cadet white tabs only and until passing Fleet Board you're strictly acting rank. (Which is a great opportunity to ask questions and find stuff out - you're wearing the 'new and clueless' insignia so *use it*!)
  11. The age rules (mid if under 20 etc) have been abolished owing to age discrimination legislation, as I understand it.

    Academic quals is probably it; the same rules apply for the reserve as the regular service.
  12. Definative answer is as per my post above. New Officers' RI's are in the process of being written.
  13. ANt C . I have just PM'd you.
  14. An obvious one but if your URNU is located close to an RNR unit then it well worth popping along and having a chat with the YO training officer, YOs and junior Lts and they can give you a good synopsis of the training pipeline. Otherwise if there is an RNR unit close to home then drop in when on Easter break. They should also be able to involve you in any pre-AIB preparation classes that they are running.

    As SO2Seaman points out, it is worth knowing about the training matrices for one or two branches (if you can get on the RN intranet then go to the COMMARES page - and they are available there).

    Looking at your list of steps to the trained strength then it looks pretty much spot on to me and it seems that you have a good understanding of the process. Another note on branches is that you don't have to choose until you have passed Fleet Board so you have plenty of time during YO training to find out about them all.

    Best of luck with it all.
  15. Thanks very much for all that. My uni isn't actually near an RNR unit nor is where I'm living at the moment (I'm moving soon and will be near a unit) but that's not such an issue - there's a perfectly good train station nearby!

    I'll try and contact my nearest unit next week and see who I can get to speak to!

  16. Good luck with it!

    I had direct experience of trying to get someone into the RNR direct from the URNU and it would have been easier to produce a hydrogen-powered car.

    That said, a significant proportion of Subbies are ex-URNU, particularly at President, who have a pretty good record of getting people in (sorry Pres-bashers, but they do have to be good at something).

    I know of ex-URNU officers with recent experience at KA, too, but i'm sure most units have at least one.

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