Career prospects dependent on specialisation?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by rnr77, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. Off the top of my head i know that in the full-timers engineering graduates (going into engineering officer roles) start on a slightly higher ranking (i dont know the exact details, but it says in one of the pdfs) than other officers, because of their sought after expertise.

    In the RNR does ones career progression get affected by the specialistion which they choose? Would someone with an engineering degree be better off joining as an X officer rather than a Y officer?

    Obviously i dont advocate only picking a specialisation because of the progression it allows, some interest in the area would be useful!
  2. All graduates get 3 years seniority-maybe it's 3.5- regardless of role. I think you NEED to have an accredited degree to be an engineering officer.
  3. Nice advice from a seventeen year old.
  4. It's also incorrect advice.

    I am RNR myself but I did not know the answer to this RNR-related question, so I said nothing. Nor did anybody else, because they didn't know either.
    See what I'm getting at Tim?
  5. I didn't say it was for the RNR, I just forgot to mention it was for the RN. And I think I'm actually blushing right now. >.<
  6. In the RNR one doesn't join to specialisation in the same way that one joins the regular RN by branch. Following training and fleetboard one is at liberty to request to join a specialisation. The specialisations each have a requirement and acceptance into that specialisation is dependent on any vacancies. Clearly someone with convincing, credible track record in a particular area could create an argument for CMR to waive the requirement; an experienced DHL logistics planner for example would be a great assets to the logs branch, which has few orficer opportunities at the moment, so an argument could be made.

    Academic qualifications don't gain you anything in the RNR however promotion does depend on achieving certain training and experience requirements. Some specialisations have training and experience requirements that are easier to achieve than others, mainly down to availability of opportunity and the primacy of regulars or deployers whilst loading onto those opportunities.
  7. General advice for RNR Officer candidates:

    If you are joining with the intention to go to a "Specialised" Branch eg Medical, then your academic and professional qualifications count, and you will receive accelerated promotion.

    If you are heading for a "Generalist" Branch, eg MTO, they will not.

    There have been some new rules introduced such that:

    -pre BRNC you will be an Officer Cadet (OC)
    -after BRNC, if you are a non-Graduate your first rank, irrespective of your age, is Midshipman.
    If you are a Graduate, you will be (I believe) a S Lt.

    Hope this helps
  8. Could you elaborate on the full list of 'specialist' RNR branches?
  9. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Medical and possibly Amphib Warfare (only if serving MN officer).
  10. Medical & Nursing officers are on different terms of service from the rest of the RNR - this is due to our ToSs being harmonised across the three regular & three reserve services about 7 or 8 years ago.


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