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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by edchannah, Sep 4, 2008.

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  1. Unfortunately I recently failed my FATs and as such I am in somewhat of a dilemma. I am still extremely keen on a career in the armed forces, particularity the Navy and was wondering if anyone could shed any light on the role of Warfare Officer. I have done quite a bit of research but can still not quite picture what the role entails from day to day. I have been told that it is simply staring at computer screens and you can expect to spend 8 months a year at sea. Is this true? Also what do warfare officer do when the ship they are attached to is not deployed. Most importantly if there are any warfare officers out there, do you enjoy it?
  2. How did you fail your FATs?
  3. A Warfare Officer (OOW type) might glance at the WECDIS once in a while and the various radars, but I can't think why they would be staring at a computer screen all day (until PWO anyway). Of course, additional duties may well necessitate plenty of screen viewing as documents are drawn up etc, but surely the total screen viewing time would be no more than average for an officer.

    Of course, as a Warfare Officer, your career path may lead all the way to CINCFLEET or FSL. Wouldn't happen in any other branch.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

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    Good job any casual observer of this thread wishing to join the service is fully spammed in Naval parlance.

    Anyone care to translate? [​IMG]
  5. Give 'em a starting point and let them do a little leg-work at least...

    I'll give him a clue on the WECDIS though, he might get more info having a look for the civvy ECDIS - plenty of articles about it in the NI newsletter Seaways (there we go, another acronym... :oops: ).
  6. Alright? I was going for Pilot, but my FATs (although a pass) weren't competitive enough with the other scores.

    Im now going in in 3 days as a X(SM) - Warfare Officer, Submariner.

    Speak to your AFCO - they will have all the info.

    btw - X(SM) isn't a bad job from the looks of it.
  7. Best you change your username to GPZ_deeps. Mind if you fail submariner then it may become just GPZ_civie
  8. As a junior warfare officer (SM), you spend time as Officer of the Watch, driving the submarine. You will be required to qualify as a submariner in order to get your dolphins and receive SM pay. Later you can specialise as a navigator. PWO (Principle Warfare Officer) training will follow as a senior Lt or junior Lt Cdr. To be in command or executive officer, you will have to pass "Perisher". If you fail, you will be kicked upstairs and remain a Lt Cdr for life.
    Hope that helps.
  9. ECDIS is Electronic Chart Display and Information System. Something I deal with day in and day with my company lol

    Basically for those who don't know it's paper charts that have been digitalised in some form. I'm not sure exactly what the MOB use but I gather it would be Admiralty Vector Charts more than ARCS.
  10. ARCS? Admiralty Rasta(?) Chart System or something? Remember being taught about it on JWO but never saw it. Think it got binned- as far as I know WECDIS is pretty much just a more robust form of ECDIS. To confuse matters further, when I was on ENDURANCE we had a bespoke ECS fit that bore no relation to anything else in the world in either design or use. Not because we were special, just that they'd run out of WECDIS fits and gone for a botched job. Anyone who's ever seen ENDR's bridge will know that it's a pretty crackers set up and very cramped- putting the chart table on one side and the ECS on the other, with the CO's chair in the middle was always going to be a recipe for disaster....

    OOW (navigating iaw SOs from the paper chart): "Last fix good fix, putting us on track"

    CO (looking at ECS): "*@***!"

    OOW (thinking dark thoughts about the fact that he can't see through people): "Aye aye sir"

    Oh, the life of a warfairy. :thumright:
  11. Almost. A warfare officer will be OOW on the bridge when surfaced, and so 'drive' the boat. Dived however he'll be on the plot, periscope watchkeeping if at PD, possibly ship control and certainly running around doing whatever he's told to do. The OOW dived is one of the two senior warfare officers (watch leaders), not counting the XO & Capt. That is a job that requires some experience and so is best not given to young excitable officers. There is a chance to specialise as a navigator later but PWO is a general surface job. We don't have them. It's a job that a lot of failed perisher students go on to. Expect to be a watch leader with an eye on selection for perisher after about 10-12 years.
  12. Haha, if I fail Subs, I can go GPZ_Surface.

    Infact, it may be changing to ZX6R_Pilot, when I've got 6k spare :/

    Oh well.
  13. Ducatis are nicer.

  14. They sound nicer, but NOTHING beets a Kwak for speed
  15. That is true.

    Japanese engines have to be the best in the world.
  16. Bulletproof and revs to 16,750 RPM. you see an American or a European engine producing 126 BHp from 600cc? nope ><

    Right - back to subject please...
  17. Rasta? :afro:

    Raster is the word, but well remembered.
  18. Thanks for the advice, although I was a bit confused by the terminology. My careers officer recommended Logistics, however, I have concerns that it is a glorified store man. I have done some reading and the option of being able to specialize in navy law is extremely appealing. I have a history degree and have been told by a thousand different people that I should do a law conversion course and I am tempted, however, I would much rather be in the navy and logistics might give me the option to follow both career paths. does anyone know how difficult it is to specialize in navy law? Is it possible to pursue a career in intelligence within the navy? I understand that it is not possible to enter directly into this branch with the navy but can an officer specialize later in their career and from which branch would they originate?

    I know I'm being a bit vague but selecting a branch is a big decision as I have been told that it is extremely difficult to transfer once you begin your career.

  19. In what section did you fail your FATs?

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