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I am very keen to join the Royal Navy as a Fast Jet Pilot and I would very much appreciate some help with some questions I have.

I would like to know what are the medical requirements to become a fast jet pilot in terms of Height, Weight, Reach and the Various other measurements which are crucial. I have searched the internet and all I can find is the RAF requirements and not sure how this compares.

Qualification and Entry routes:
I am 20 and the qualifications I have so far are 8 GCSE's (B's & C's) and a NVQ 2 in Plumbing Engineering. I am currently undertaking a Foundation Degree in Building Services Engineering which is worth 240 UCAS points and I will complete this course in 2011.

I have considered an option to end this course and undertake home study A levels which I can gain by June 2010 to achieve the required 180 UCAS points. This will enable me to join sooner than I would by completing my current degree.

I would also like to know if I complete my current Foundation Degree and applied in 2011 would I be able to apply as a direct graduate?

Many thanks
Medical is the same as the RAF in terms of height, weight, reach.

Quals, not sure what yours are, sorry, all I can say is you need the equiv to 2 A-levels.

But to be honest if you want to be a fast jet pilot join the RAF. It may sound harsh but the stark reality is there are far too few places even with the supposed JSF.
Thanks for replying.

I have tried the RAF and awaiting confirmation if my breathing problems following a bad cold/flu is classed as asthma, which although I am clear for 10 years the RAF do not allow. On the other hand the Navy are not so concerned, they say I have been clear long enough, therefore my dream of being a fast jet pilot lies with the Navy at the moment until I hear back from my GP.

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