Career as a Nurse in the Navy at 27/28?...

Hi all,

Im currently in my second year of my Adult nursing training, I will be 27 when I graduate. I'd love to apply to do nursing in the Royal Navy. I have messaged the recruitment team on facebook and they said I can start applying when I start my third year.

Im just a bit concerned il be the oldest there! I know I am within the age requirements, just wondering if there are any current Naval nurses on here at all? or in other aspects too.. Id love to hear from people applying currently or already serving be interesting to hear what it really is like day to day..

Thanks in advance :)


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I'm currently in the reserves, I'm newly qualified and I'm 27. I don't know too much about regulars but in the reserves we are pretty much around this age- more mature. So go for it!

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Nursing aside. Your age will only be an issue if you make it one. There are some 36 year old's currently in training who just get on with it and don't consider it a hindrance

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