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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by cdelaney, Mar 3, 2014.

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  1. Hi
    I was hoping I could get some friendly advice on joining the royal navy as a medical assistant. I am sixteen and I am finishing my GCSE in a matter of months. I have experience in working/volunteering for a private and voluntary ambulance service and I have decided that I would like to pursue a career in the medical field, but I would like something a bit different from the other roles, something where I can really put my skills to practice and I feel that the royal navy would suit me.

    I was hoping whether someone could tell me whether I should apply and see where it takes me for the job as a medical assistant and see whether I have any luck or should I stay on and study to do my A-levels.

    I hope this does not come across that I am just going to be using the Royal Navy for training, but if I decided in the long run that it was not the career for me, would I gain any qualifications that would possibly help me if I left.

    From what I have gathered from the other threads, RN website and the internet, I think this role would really suit me and I was hoping that someone who is a medical assistant could message me and give me some advice. I have a date for a presentation. As I know nobody will really know whether it is definitely the career for them until they have actually tried it.

    Thanks & I would really appreciate any advice you would be able to give me.
  2. don't know whether this will help at all but I (all being well with my PRNC) join in June after a two year waiting list for MA so you could probably do your A Levels whilst waiting to join!

    Go to the presentation and have a chat afterwards! Goodluck :)

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  3. Yeah that is a good point, As I could always leave after one year if I had to join which would mean I would have AS levels and If I was still waiting I could continue to do my A-level. Thanks for your reply, are you a MA yourself? Would love to speak to one to ask a few questions, if you didn't' mind?
  4. nope I don't join until June but there are some MA's and the like on here!

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  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer


    You need to look at your persec.

    Go ahead with your A levels, you can also start the recruiting process, if you were offerred a place before you had completed your exams you can ask for it to be deferred

  6. Depends what you want to do during and after your time in the RN.

    To start with there are three options - Submarine, Marines and General Service which do pretty much what it says on the tin so depends on what floats your boat (pun intended). If you like the colour green and running around fields then perhaps you might consider being a Marine MA ... if you can't stand the sun and like living in a tube then Subs ...etc etc you get my drift?

    The job itself is caring for the health and wellbeing of the crew of a ship / submarine or a stick of Marines. That could be part of a team or if you are GS then perhaps on your own on a warship with upwards of 250 men / women on detached duty half way round the world so you could be receptionist/Nurse/Dr all in one go (but the latter is once you have some experience). However ... don't think that after 22yrs you will walk into a Paramedics job at the local ambulance station as you will be sadly disappointed even though you have dealt with all sorts of trauma and can extract a stoker from 5 decks down with one hand tied behind your back (been there and got that T Shirt). So during your time in you can specialise in various areas from Air Medical / Underwater Medicine / Theatre .. what ever your interest is ... and get some qualifications other than basic MA(RN).

    If I was you young paduan and likely to get A levels ... get them first then I would seriously look at training as a Nurse/Pharmacist/Lab Tech as well ...

    Good Luck with whatever your career choice may be.

    MG M
    ex POMA
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  7. Not being an MA myself but when looking at qualifications gained in service to take outside am I correct in thinking as an MA the best way to go is on submarines? For jobs in the Nuclear sector?
  8. Not being a (ex) subs MA I wouldn't know what qualifications they end up with ... however in my day it was the Med Techs Health Physicists i.e. "Drain Sniffers" (not MA's) that looked after the nuclear side of things (radiation measurment etc) and I think the Drain Sniffers went as a Medical sub-branch a long time ago although I'm sure some of the sun dodgers on RR have more up to date info of who does what on board a sub.

    The thing is with a lot of qualifications gained as part of "the job" ... unless its an actual civilian qualification (not a equivalent) then when you go outside its not worth diddly squat! A lot of people came unstuck thinking that they've got all the experience in something ... but no civilian qualifications to back it up and its worth remembering that ok 22 years is a long time but there is a life after the RN and you have to plan for that time and get some sort of qualifications.
  9. Can't you go offshore as a MA? I'm sure you can do a cross over course when you leave

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  10. You answered your own question ... "cross over course" and I am sure you are right but it is a civilian recognised "Adqual"! I'm sure there are MA's that have gone offshore and there again are a couple of offshore guys on here that could probably enlighten us if the mood takes.

    Bottom line is .. being an MA in the RN is great however when the time comes to leave after x years you're not going to walk into a similar job in Civvy St without some thoughts whilst still in - I did stuff whilst in that I trained for but there is no civilian counterpart to the training so whilst as an MA you could leap tall buildings and commune with God ... outside of the RN they don't understand and you have to have some sort of validated course/ certification etc to be able to continue to do it. I knew MA's who had done all the Trauma courses etc and went to join the ambulance service after leaving as a Paramedic ... and then found out that although they could canulate, and perform minor surgery /miracles whilst in the RN ... as far as the Ambulance service was concerned they couldn't even put on a band-aid until they have retrained.
  11. There are lots of opportunities as an MA, as many of the other posts have said. I know people who started as MAs, did Subs / Marines, became Theatre Techs / Nurses. To be honest, if you are prepared to put the hours in the chances are there.

    Good luck.

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  12. This is very true, the MA position is very flexible and you can find yourself operating in all different environments, not just stuck on a ship or sub. Kind of wished I was smart enough to choose a branch like that!

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