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Hi all,
I am writing just to ask a bit of advice on potential career paths when joining the Navy.

A little background information and what I wish to achieve out of a career in the Navy:

Fluent in English and Italian with near fluency in French and Portuguese alongside broken Norwegian.
Achieved BASI lvl 1 ski instructor qualification
Completed DoE Silver and Gold Awards
Qualified Translator
Good Swimmer
I have more experience driving inflatable boats than I do driving a car.
Prefer being active and about rather than being sat down in an office (been doing it for too long already).

When I first started looking into a career in the AFs becoming a mountain leader was the first thing that struck out to me. The obvious career path was to go Marines and work up from there, however when I went to the careers office to have a chat it came to light I would not be able to go down the RM route due to my weight being under the required limit. To bring my weight up to the required standard and keep it there without being unhealthy throughout the Marines Training I was advised would probably be unsustainable ( would probably end up dropping below the limit during training).

I have made my peace with that idea. However I still do want to join the Navy regardless. I understand that there is the possibility of becoming Commando Trained via AACC, however positions on these are few and only certain individuals from certain branches are chosen based on the needs of the RN.

I'm looking for advise as to, considering my background skills, what the best career path/specialisation would help me along the road to achieving ML or any other potential routes would be suitable for me.

Thank you for your time and very much appreciated.


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If you enjoy phys, working outdoors in all weathers, over age 18, under age 32, British, can swim like an otter, have at least tried scuba diving & can outrun an exploding bomb...Mine Clearance Diver, perhaps. Or, if you are pretty switched on, analytical and don't mind working indoors & evesdropping, enjoy languages, British, have a few GCSEs, Comms Tech, maybe.
what ever you do, do not join up as a normal warfare spec or ET.

Navy Diver sounds right up your street
maybe even a Medical Assistant. they usually have people with green lids who have done the all arms course


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Why not Warfare or ET?

AACC is perhaps feasible as an MA, but certainly not a given, nor a pre-requisite for working with 3 Cdo Brigade.


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He will do OK in any branch. Lets face it anyone who can say "My friend is paying" in that number of languages has got to be on to a winner:)


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Cannot offer any advice but the guy has researched well and covered just about every angle before he approached the forum for advice, hopefully others will read and digest. Seems he is spoilt for choice and I wish him good luck.
Thank you all so far for the advice. I had considered Comms Tech before, had not considered Diver before now.
I'll have a nose around my local area and see if there are any scuba courses and give it a go, see if it is something I will enjoy doing.
The other branch i considered was seaman spec due to boat driving, any advice on that? From what i gather from reading other forum pages and general research the career options for sea specs are limited (or am I wrong?).

Thank you all once again for taking the time to advise.
Thanks for the clear up Ninja. I do believe becoming a Comms Tech would be too similar to my work at the moment. However your advice of Diver has sparked interest. I'm assuming at the very least PADI Open Water certificate is a requirement for the application as a Mine Clearance Diver?

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