Care to Comment on this one Finks

Well there's a shock.
Trouble is now that the cure is as distasteful as the ailment.
And today the banks start the £6 per day overdraft penalty. It was £20 a month, they say it is more beneficial to folk who go short term overdrawn.
Most people in my experience go overdrawn for rather longer in a month than 3 days. Surprise, the bank wins again.
It's a world recession.

Started, of course, by Thatcher :grin:
Nah.... it was Harold Wilson when he devalued the pound in 1967....'doesn't mean the pound in your pocket has been devalued'..what's all his fault, my life's been downhill ever since. :hippy2:

Edited to add..........whilst I'm showing my age.....Ganges62 is a fcuking nozzer !
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Finks hasn't commented thus far. Interesting, or is it?

He is understood to be deep into protracted negotiations on his lease renewal for the Outrage Bus.

I believe his recent high useage rate is one sticking point.

Then there is the new colour scheme; he has his heart set upon the latest MacFinknottle hunting Tartan........
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