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Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by Shakey, May 10, 2006.

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  1. Can any club swinging types tell me if there is any benefit of training at more than 90% of predicted max heart rate?

    Mine occasionally goes up to 92% whilst on a good uphill slog whilst running. (Am using one of them fancy Polar heart monitor gadgets.)

    Does this do more harm than good?


  2. An old post, but found it whilst browsing and thought I'd reply.

    Shakey it depends on the purpose of your training and also on any goals/targets you have.

    Once you've calculated your HRTB (Heart Rate Training Band) you normally work at a certain percentage of this depending on your goals. i.e. to burn fat you would work at 60-70% of your HRTB for 30-60 mins.

    Pushing your heart rate to 90% + obviously means your digging out blind and that in turn is definitely going to benefit your cardiovascular fitness. The problem is, its impossible to sustain that over long periods of time. To counteract this, I would recommend fartlek training. This method of training pushes your body hard but also gives it short periods of recovery time, enabling you to go harder, faster, longer. A bit like the energizer Bunny mate!!! :wink:

    If you need any advice or clarification, feel free to PM me.


  3. Spenny, I use sprint work up hills in 6-8 sets of six, with a 30 second rest in between sets, I find it really gets the heart and lungs working and improves my stamina for playing sport, do you have any other types of exercise that would assist me, as I get bored with doing this every week and I am nearly back to full fitness after my injury.

    Cheers for any tips.

  4. Alright RB, hows things mate.

    I also do loads of hill sprints - for short, sharp fitness there's nothing better. Try any of the following, which work for me:

    1. Find a good long hill (I use Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh) and sprint hard for 10 secs.
    Stop, turn around and facing downhill do 25 push ups (decline press).
    Turn around and run uphill again for 20 secs and then stop and facing uphill do 25 sit ups (incline crunches)
    Carry on with this system adding 10 secs to every sprint time and use, squat thrusts, v-sits, close arm press-ups etc varying between incline and decline on the exercise.

    2. Try pushing your body harder by avoid the rest stops. Find a circuit/loop and sprint uphill as hard as you can. When you get to the top, jog the level and downhill section. Once back at the start point bomb- burst away uphill again and repeat this 6-10 times depending on the severity of the circuit.

    3. If you have a training partner alternate sprinting with exercises. One sprints uphill and jogs back, whilst the other does an exercise at the bottom of the hill (push-ups for example).
    As soon as the runner is back you switch, without any rest stops. As the runners time will increase through fatigue the more he runs, so your push-ups, sit-ups etc will last longer, giving your body and intense workout.

    Good luck mate

  5. Crikey, I am knackered just reading those two posts. :)
  6. Train hard, fight easy mate!! :wink:
  7. I wouldn't trust the 'maximum heart rate' thing too much. There are a couple of different formulae, the most common being 220- your age.

    If this were in the least accurate I'd be dead.

    I regularly run at over 90% of my theoretical maximum, and when I'm really pushing it have been up to 111% of what my max. should, according to this formula, be.

  8. Thats because we are Scottish and Speshul Soliders mate!! :wink:
  9. I looked at the Brittney photograph and didn't need any exercise to push my heart rate up!
  10. Cheers mate, I will give it a go apart from the press ups for the moment, due to injury. :D
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    I put my slim figure down to the solo CV excercise i get.
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